HI Geoff,
Yes we have many PM procedures, but I would not say all, as some manufactures dont release details of how to perform the PM routine. If the service manual is available we can program it (free), or it can be done locally using the free Datrend software. A couple of the bigger suppliers now use Datrend vPad RF to measure the output of their ESU.

Some PM procedures are quite involved, eg the force triad, taking 329 steps, but its replacement (I think) is the FT10, taking, 268 steps. Some of the steps say to set this output to this, and then press this button etc. This includes taking cross coupling and leakage measurements as prescribed.

Yes we can work with older legacy ESU's. The vPad RF is, in essence, a resistor bank with an HF coil on the input and a high (for ESA) bandwidth (12Mhz) amplifier. This bandwidth is needed for ESU such as the FT10, (10Mhz bandwidth is specified in the FT10 manual) and to measure outputs of 4Mhz Diathermy. It also allows more complex faster moving waveforms to be measured accurately.