But only 200 items? Your're not being very generous there, Jandré.

Yip I know but it I'm limited by the Framework licence... So it is one collaboration site with 4000 line items 5 with 800 or 10 with 400 or 20 with 200..

I was kind of going with the quantity of "minds" rather than line items but if there's less interest then participants will most likely be able to manage a complete site "gratis"

No doubt your system is "full featured" and aimed at "large enterprises" (large, modern, hospitals and (or) groups of healthcare settings, all with many maintainable items on inventory); but although my own "areas of interest" reside at the other end of the healthcare * "arena" (biomeds serving clinics and small hospitals)

Not really.... Bioworld manages 300 small clinics world wide on the same platform with only a few large hospitals in the mix. The licence is based on quantity asset line items (unlimited users) which makes it extremely affordable for smaller sites especially. (The perks of having a cloud based framework... grin

, the bit that interests me most is:-

Originally Posted by sp00k
3. Addition of pre-configured intervention task lists for asset designations that does not currently have these. (about 90% of designations noted by the GMDN for capital medical equipment currently have pre-configure maintenance task lists ...

Where do these PM procedures (presumably) come from?

In 20 years I've worked in 56 countries and engaged with umteenth BMETS worldwide so you can guess the amount of data that got captured onto PM task lists for various asset designations...

Are they cast in stone, or can system users develop (edit) their own (reinventing the wheel as they go)?

The task lists are configured on a cascading workflow engine meaning you can use what is there or configure your own. Nothing is cast in stone and everything is changeable. and you can add or delete whatever you like.

You can also assign a process to either the specification or individual tasks within the specification and attach printed or video media to the process for ease of access in-field.

So if the asset spec on the EAM dashboard has a "definitive" OEM task schedule assigned to it then it will override the default designation task list by default and you can even set OEM tasks or processes as "mandatory" in which case the work order cannot continue if the task is not completed to requirement.

Or are you asking others to chip in with their own PMPs? If so:- what format (and do any restrictions apply)? In my time I've come across all sorts ... from ECRI to (single PMPs consisting of) pages and pages of "home grown" lifted straight out of the service manual. And I had better not get started on the various "contractual requirements" I've had to accommodate (and sometimes fend off) in years gone by.

No restrictions. You create the specification and add the tasks. Then you define pass / fail or array and set the terms. The subsequent certificate will display all results. The whole idea of collaboration is to bolster the OEM specific task lists and procedural components including reference media. We've done a good job with the generic side but the aim of the game is to also get OEM specific task lists out there for everyone. Of course some OEM's will have an issue with this but since it is a closed system whereby ownership dictates authority it becomes easier to manage since the system will not share OEM information between licence holders. The only thing that is shared is generic specs and task lists.

Developing a decent set of PM procedures takes a lot of time, and I always advocate starting on the nursery slopes and getting simple, generic PMPs (check lists, templates ... call them what you will) on solid ground, and then building from there (that is, adding others as the PM programme progresses). I always used to like writing up each PMP when actually visiting each piece of kit - but they were generally all based on a couple of foundation PMPs.

We share the same philosophy here. There is indeed 20+ years worth of task list evaluations and consolidation of information into dedicated tasks per asset designation (type) captured for any site to just step off and start servicing and calibration. If ever I can submit something significant to an educational institution to find a PhD slot then this achievement will most likely be it. Imagine starting off with a software platform that you can use immediately and still have the ability to change both workflow and task lists while at the same time doing things in line with standards from day one.

Either way, remember that the great Albert Einstein taught us to:- (and I'm paraphrasing here, of course) "Make it simple, but not too simple"!
To use it is simple and to configure it for your own bespoke environment is simple. But what went into the back end is indeed not too simple so I guess this is covered.. grin

Perhaps one day we will at last have a universally acclaimed "definitive" set of generic PM procedures covering every piece of equipment we're likely to encounter.

This will bring your idiology one step closer. When you open a work order you can choose from. a multitude of specifications and tasks and drag them into the work order. the generic ones as well as those you captured yourself. whichever one you decide is appropriate is what reflects on the paperwork at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, don't forget that many (although I have no idea exactly how many) biomeds may have spent hundreds of happy hours developing "test templates" that interface with proprietary test equipment (I'm referring here to stuff like Ansur, vPad and even the Good Old medTester) ... so perhaps consideration needs to be given to interfacing with those efforts as well.

Of course. The system allows for these to be imported from various formats so there is no double time or re-doing the same thing. Even the back end is kept open (subject to security.) for API if needed.

Happy Birthday, by the way (also Empire Day - Queens Victoria's birthday).
Thank You!!

* I hope you appreciated these "new-speak" choices.
Always. We come from the same school of thought remember.. wink

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