How do you manage your planned preventative maintenance? Did the pandemic set you back months and you’re not caught up yet? Have you changed from interval-based to risk-based, or some other option? Do you want to, but don’t have the time to research or implement change?

I have a 3rd year Medical Engineering student (another one, if you read my other thread) doing a project on the implications of, and solutions to, failed or heavily deferred PPM. We would like to talk to anyone with a view on this. How big a problem is it? What solutions have been tried? Do clinical engineers have autonomy, or are ‘higher’ levels of management involved? How does PPM work (if at all) in low resource settings, such as low and middle income countries? Are we asking the right questions?

We’d like to talk to people with a range of views and experience in the next month or two, to help develop a survey to be sent out more widely.

I’ll duplicate this request on IPEM Clin Eng community and the IPEM CE community. Are there better ways to access the wider Clinical Engineering population? How could we disseminate the survey? (Particularly England, as the other nations have small enough numbers of organisations to email individually.)
Thanks in advance for your help.

Sue Peirce
CEDAR Research Fellow
Cardiff University