Afternoon fellow misshaps !
I do hope you have all been keeeping well?

I would like to ask if any of you have experience of connecting/configuring a wireless printer, that would enable you to print remotely?
My reasoning for asking is that. I currently own a HP 2335. After recently purchasing a Bluetooth dongle for the notebook, I then purchased a "Newlink" blue tooth printer adapter from Maplin. However configuring, and then to get one to reconise the other, is proving more than a pain.
I know the Dongle works fine, as I can get two way comms between the Notebook, and my mobile phone.
Apparently the printer adapter uses ver1.1 which is compatible with the dongle.
One thing that has stumped me is the Hard copy Replacement Profile (HCRP). Do you have any knowldge of this protocol and setting it up? frown

Answers on a postcard. (only kidding) shocked

Any help at all appreciated.


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