Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anybody knew of a Mictograph (urine flow analyser) that is classified i.e. class 3 or better. We had the old Dantec urodyn 1000 with the 'spinning disc' but the motor has gone 'again' and Dantec can no longer supply parts for this unit. The new Dantec DanFlow range of flow meters utilise weight cell transducer technology but, as Trading Standards say, as it uses a 'weight scale' to give a result that a medical decision will be made it has to be class 3 or better. I have spoken to (they will come back to me) and emailed Dantec Dynamics but they WILL NOT answer my question if it is classified or not. I have their PPQ which states that it is NOT for 'medical diagnosis' so I suppose this answers my question about classification so does anybody know if there is one on the market ??.