I had a faulty HDD on the C3.The harddrive was replaced;I loaded Win XP Professional NOT the windows that comes on the yellow application disk from GE(Windows XP embedded).I loaded the LOGIQ application software with licence key etc.The machine boots up and everything seems to be working.BUT every time on bootup I get a message “there is no serial number in this machine,locate it and input it”.I proceed to put the serial number in and then everything runs without problem.It is annoying to have to put in the SER number every time.Is this a 3 V lithium battery/memory problem or a setup setting somewhere.I have the service manual but not the GE dongle,cant find any solution in the service manual.The CPU board has a 3 Volt lithium but that is for BIOS password etc,password is retained I assume the battery is ok.
Thank you for any advise.