I have a Zoll E series that has developed an ECG Error 4 which basicly means the system board has died.

I had a spare board which I have swapped into it and this has fixed the ECG problem and is working correctly along with the SpO2 again. Thr defib is also passing all tests.

However the replacement board seems to have come out of a machine that didn't have etco2 or NIBP on it and hence the machine isn't recognising them as being present despite thr modules being pluged in.

I'm assuming that I need to tell the new system board that these are present, however I don't know the configuration code that was set on the old board. Both boards have identical part numbers on them.

So my two questions are:

1) How do I reset the configuration menu password.

2) How do I tell it that it now has a NIBP and etco2 module connected to it?

Many thanks