Hi all,

I have a customer who is using a Philips MP70 in a clinical study. They are measuring arterial blood pressure using the standard MMS module. For various reasons, they need to measure very high ART values. After doing some testing, it appears the MP70 can only display a max ART of 300 mmHg. Is there anyone out there that knows how to get the it to measure and display higher values than this? The max scale value appears to be 300 mmHg.

We know it can measure higher than 300 mmHg, because my product (MediCollector) actually receives ART values from the MP70 that go up to 460 mmHg through the data export interface (the MIB/RS232 port on the back). Ideally, we'd like to get the MP70 to display and output values much higher than 300 mmHg.

Any tips are greatly appreciated.
As an alternative, maybe some of you know of an external device which can measure higher ART values?