How many engineers have to measure the voltage output of a diathermy during a PM procedure?
One manufacture now asks engineers to measure the output of the diathermy under load and obtain the Vpeak to peak voltage.
It difficult enough measuring the power output, but measuring the voltage has certain interesting issues. Not only are very high voltages involved, around 2,500 volts but the waveform is asymmetrical, its not biased 50/50 around zero volts.
The engineer has to also consider the output of the diathermy is not ground referenced, it floats, as most F type diathermy do. This means that a very expensive Tek probe costing £3100 has to be used with a good scope. Taking the vPeak-peak voltage and dividing it by two does not seem to get the right values.

How many EBME test the diathermy using a probe, Do EBME actually have the probe.

There is an alternative way, take a look at the white paper Datrend vPad-RF

We are really interested in hearing how many departments use which method, and follow the service manual methods....