Dear All,

I am a BSc Biomedical student at Birmingham City University, currently in my 3rd year. Right now I am working on a 3000 word dissertation on different custom total contact insoles, where I will be required to understand the function, mechanical aspects and maintenance of the custom-made device.

Due to covid 19 I have limited experience learning how to maintain and service medical devices because experienced lecturers who are at risk could only lecture remotely. Practical work is essential for me to get a better grasp of the workings and maintenance of medical devices.

I will be very grateful if any members within a reasonable journey to Birmingham would willing to allow me to shadow for a few days to see the equipment relevant to biomedical engineering being serviced and any opportunity would be welcomed. Any information to prepare me for future jobs will also be very helpful.

I am able to provide my own travel within Birmingham.

Thank you.