If you are interested in getting an application form to nominate a colleague for the Paul Austin Apprentice Award, please contact:
Nicola Parkes – Awards Administrator
MTS Health
61 Maxted Road
Hemel Hempstead

Telephone 01442 216785
Email nicola.parkes@mtshealth.co.uk

The Paul Austin Clinical Engineering Apprentice of the Year Award is presented to an apprentice who provided a significant contribution to their department or team or has been outstanding in all aspects of their training and demonstrates practical capability and potential in their working environment.
Nominees must:
be a permanent UK resident, and have undertaken their training in the United Kingdom
have completed a minimum of 1 year of their qualification in a recognised training course that leads to a nationally recognised outcome / qualification relevant to this award (to a minimum of min Level 2 and above Apprenticeship or equivalent) or are already qualified (to max of 2 years post qualification)
only be nominated by one nominator, either their employer / senior colleague; or training provider.
supply their certificate of qualification / education (optional - only if completed)
Who can nominate?
- Employer or host employer
- Senior qualified colleague registered with the Engineering Council to a minimum of EngTech.
- Teacher or trainer from their Registered Training Organisation

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