Oh yes! IAL Medical Services ... Alan Martin et al. Remember the offices at Southall? And then my friend Emad El-Dukair (DIAL). Remember the offices in Riyadh? For reasons that I can't really go into here (but you may guess at "internal politics") I was persona non grata there. Remember the "High-Tech Team"? There's a laugh for you! frown

And how about Mo Powell and "Global"?

Another that comes to mind include MTAS of MAMISS ("Helmsman") fame. Another saga (just ask Tony Dowman).

No "Current Vacancies" I'm afraid, as none have lasted the course as far as I am aware, Bill. Time, and opportunity, marches on! smile

But meanwhile, how about a Roll of Honour for those who have worked for IAL at any time:-

Ian Dickson
George Titterington
Tony Patel
Tony Dowman
Warren Hills (sadly departed)
Irvin Clarke (also departed)
Tony Johnson
Peter Shephard
Terry Horton

... to name but a few!