Teach, I would go old school with an online option. I am retired now, my background is a specialty of Ultrasound and Radiology. I have provided on-site training in Patient Monitoring & ECG, attended many on-site courses for Ultrasound and Radiology and Patient Monitoring, provided basic medical equip training for neophytes (college students) in a developing nation setting and taught complete courses on various medical equipment topics to developing nation students. My experience has convinced me that in-class training is best. It gets the student out of the "interrupt zone" more than on-site training. Phones can be turned off, rooms on-site can't be locked effectively. Not all students are interested, there are slackers even in our field. I think off-site training allows better opportunity to kick them in the butt. Not all people can learn effectively when they are in front of a screen. The class dynamic can add to the learning experience more than facing a screen. I can see the usefulness of on-line learning for shorter courses-such as testing procedures or operation and set-up. For longer courses, 3days to 2wks, nothing beats a classroom and the actual applicable equipment room, such as an OR or Rad/CT room etc.

I have had the pleasure and benefit of setting up numerous new programs over the years. It is challenging and very rewarding...when not frustrating. Many blessings as you proceed. UK health care will be better off for your contribution. All the best, Ron.