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Posted By: RICK new topics - 28/02/05 1:46 PM
How do you determine what goes on the 'recent posts' list. Would it not be better if all new posts spent a couple of days on this very useful list.
Posted By: Huw Re: new topics - 28/02/05 2:37 PM
Hi Rick,
Recent posts are just that - the eight most recent posts.

It is also possible to have the most recent topics as shown here.

...but there tends to be less activity if displayed this way.
Posted By: RonS Re: new topics - 01/03/05 11:38 AM

I agree with Rick that it's a very useful feature of the website, especially for those of us who only manage to have a gawk once a day and just don't have time to go "in" to the forum and trawl for new messages. Is it possible to simply expand the list to 16 (or more) messages without screwing up the layout of the page? The problem is I suppose that the info below is useful too!

Ah the joys of web design - you can never keep everyone happy laugh
Posted By: Huw Re: new topics - 01/03/05 5:04 PM
I'll look into providing a link at the top of the home page that links directly to the last dozen or so posts and topics.

Please give me a few days though....
Posted By: John Sandham Re: new topics - 01/03/05 9:10 PM
Huw, could we use: TODAYS ACTIVE TOPICS shades
Posted By: Huw Re: new topics - 01/03/05 10:10 PM
Hi John,
Yes, I think many people use that link, but I do understand Rick & RonS request.

The recent posts used to work very well - but as we now have so much traffic - the last 8 posts don't say put very long....

New topics may not change as much, but for the wide audience the site gets - it may appear to be too static...

It's difficult to find a compromise.

I'm trying to create that compromise at www.ebme.co.uk/index2.htm which is basically a forum headline page.

When I've got it working properly - I'll add it to the main page banner.

Until then - if you want to bookmark it... visit https://www.ebme.co.uk/index2.htm
and add it to you favourites list.

..and please - ANY comments you have as to what should be included on this (second) index page - please post here.

I'm thinking HEADLINES is probably the best link to this page, yes?

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: new topics - 02/03/05 6:42 PM
Yes! smile
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