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Posted By: Carlito Sales Refurbished Units-Opinion - 16/09/09 1:44 PM
To all Biomedicals,

I one to ask your opinions regarding refurbish units. Here in the Philippines we buy old models from other countries especially from US, repair , fix them and some sell to market, others are for rent.


Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Refurbished Units-Opinion - 16/09/09 1:53 PM

So ... what's your real question here, Carlito? It sounds like a "needs must" situation to me. But you would have great difficulty selling anything like that into hospitals in the UK (whether government, or private) I should imagine.

If you're hoping to make a sale here, I would say you're on the wrong website. But (as you're probably already aware), there are sites (many, in fact) based in the US where you can buy and sell used medical equipment. We don't really have much like that in the UK.

Also, how can you compete with cheap new equipment from China? Especially monitoring equipment, and stuff like that (some of which feature on your website, if I'm not mistaken). However, some items may be worth having a go at. High-end diagnostic ultrasound, for instance.

Personally, I (also) enjoy refurbishing, but find that I have to restrict myself to non-medical equipment, especially if I hope to sell it on. smile
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