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Posted By: Chris-H PsycoPhobia..Virus thinggy... - 11/08/04 2:04 PM
I recently tried to logg on here by typing EBME.co.uk in my browser and was shocked to read something about my computer being infected.I know its hard to imagine, but I was quite taken back by this and wondered what was going on ?

Then something weird happend again today. A diffent page relating to Environmental services came up. I wondered if it was my cashe playing funny tricks on me or just that time of year when computers have a bad day.
Posted By: Chris-H Re: PsycoPhobia..Virus thinggy... - 11/08/04 2:07 PM
Oh noo, i discovered the reason for the second issue.

see ... http://www.embe.co.uk

Its amazing what a small slip of the keys pressed can do....
Posted By: Chilly.Penguin Re: PsycoPhobia..Virus thinggy... - 11/08/04 6:48 PM
I must have visited www.embe.co.uk a dozen times, so your not the only one.

As for the virus infection message, some ispís use page redirection to a virus warning to informs customers that they may be infected.

It would be worth updating your virus scanner and running a full check.

Posted By: Roy Re: PsycoPhobia..Virus thinggy... - 12/08/04 12:05 PM
I think the problem was on the EBME server as I got the same message about the Psychophobia virus.

Nothing appeared to come accross as our firewall and virus protection didn't give any messages.

Perhaps Huw can enlighten us ?
Posted By: Huw Re: PsycoPhobia..Virus thinggy... - 12/08/04 1:56 PM
There was no virus.
Some guy using this server didn't keep up to date with his software revisions and a hacker got in via his ikonboard - he then managed an escalated privilege attack to a /(cough) dir.

From here he ran a script to automatically replace every index page with the nonsense that some of you saw.

You were under no risk from it whatsoever.
It just meant that I had to replace the many index pages around the site.

As for you guys typing embe instead of ebme!
Isn't www.ebme.co.uk already your homepage? wink
Isn't it in your list of favourites? wink

H. laugh
Posted By: Dave H Re: PsycoPhobia..Virus thinggy... - 12/08/04 3:09 PM
Not only that Huw, it's also tattooed on my forearm a la David Beckham and my daughter's middle name wink wink
Posted By: Huw Re: PsycoPhobia..Virus thinggy... - 12/08/04 6:31 PM
laugh laugh laugh
Huw, its the cookies you know, keep them short and sweet.

LIII (fully fledged Cyber Wizard) cool
Posted By: saleemp02 Re: PsycoPhobia..Virus thinggy... - 13/08/04 11:41 AM
i feel dozzyness after a smoke
eek eek
Huw, soon as you gleem his IP please pass it on. phpnuke, post nuke and their associates are collecting IP's ranges for their "pratt" list and publishing them. Louis has had four attempted hacks on his creation including some idiot uploading a file containing a js "post" cookie script. Hackers should be shot. thats what Louis thinks mad Then again Bill Gates makes it so easy for these F@#%wits to reak havock.

Sorry 4 the outburst Guys, Louis feels much better now smile
Posted By: Huw Re: PsycoPhobia..Virus thinggy... - 14/08/04 7:41 PM
Hackers? My dear professor, surely you mean crackers or script kiddies?

Hackers write code, crackers break into websites.

I'm sure though, that if I were to attempt anything as infantile as this I would spoof my IP address and cover up my tracks. Wouldn't fancy the idea of the FBI knocking on my door in the middle of the night.

I get repeated attempts on my Linux box on a daily basis - the funny thing is, you can tell that it's kids mostly because they haven't done any footprinting and are using automated scripts trying to break a windowz pc laugh laugh laugh
Oooh, you snob wink laugh

PS. The City Where I originaly originated, A Cracker sniffed a lot, a hacker removed limbs when the cracker couldnt pay his monthly bill, a script kiddy did what his lawyer told him to and saw nothing, a DOS was an hour's scive, and a virus was a week off...My how things have changed confused confused laugh

I swear I am safer where I currently dwell..

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