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As part of our departments continued expansion we have a position available for a Band 5 or Band 6 dependant on experience and qualifications. The work will be in Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and the New Essex Cardiothoracic Centre .

MEMS provide total medical equipment management service within Southend Hospital NHS Trust (SHT). This includes Procurement, Acceptance, Maintenance and Service, co-ordinate clinical staff training and decommissioning and disposal. MEMS offer its services to other health care organisations within Essex. The major external customers include Basildon Hospital, South Essex Partnership Trust, the five local Primary Care Trusts, Essex Ambulance and General Practitioners.

Ref 485-2007d
Location Basildon Hospital
Directorate Technical Services
Department MEMS
Position Type Permanent

Salary: 19,740 - 25,547 or 23,573 - 31,933 per annum dependant on skills and experience

Band: 5 or 6

Hours: 37.5 per week

Closing Date: 10th December 2007

appologies for the short notice, but we have only just been informed by recruitment that it has been made live.

For informal enquiries please contact Gary Cordery on 01268 593374 or gary.cordery@btuh.nhs.uk

This is an NHS post

apply online @ http://www.southend.nhs.uk/Recruitment/Vacancies/Nursing+and+General+Vacancies/ and select MEMS as a department/ward.

This one smacks of an "internal recruitment" scam Tailzer, I must say (ie, they are only advertising the post to "make up the numbers"). Otherwise, who would want to work for an organisation where HR doesn't communicate with biomed! smile
I am happy to say it is not an 'internal' scam, our recruitment think we will get people apply by just having it on the hospital website and no where else, which as you are probably aware will not be the case. This is the 2nd of a planned 3 extra staff in my department, the 3rd being released after 1st april 2008.
I wish it was as easy to get people as having them just apply internally, but its not.
Thanks for clearing that up Tailzer. I'm sure we all hope that you get the result(s) you're hoping for, and look forward to hearing about it later on.

Yes, it seems that your HR people don't have much of an appreciation of what is required when it comes to hiring people for our sort of work. Websites are all very well, but my own observations (of many such cases like this in other hospitals) is that they can lead to, what should I call it ... laziness? on behalf of recruiters. I can't help wondering how they get on with others (doctors, nurses etc)! smile
It happens everywhere.

Seems us EBME techs have it rough lol
This one must interest you Neoteny....
Thanks, have looked into it, but dont have transport at the moment, and it will take two hours. And we all know what trains are like.
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