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Posted By: Topper Neonatal Tech Banding. - 26/02/16 9:23 AM
(I submitted this a couple of weeks back but site was problematic. I can't find my submission but apologies if duplicated)
Hi folks
Would like to get the consensus as to what banding a Neonatal Unit Clinical Technologist is / should be.
Specifically a dedicated Named Technician seconded full time to a Level 3 NNU with 14 NICU & HDU cots, 14 SCBU cots and as of recently a 14 Adult bed Transitional Care Ward.
No contracts exist, all maintenance is in-house with approx. 50 medium / high risk device servicing / PPMs scheduled per month. A 1 in 4 On Call service is provided covering primarily NNU, Children's Ward, Delivery Theatres and Maternity departments as required.
The NNU Tech is part of a 4 man team consisting also of 1x Women & Children's Tech and 2 x Theatres Techs, one of which is the "Section Head".
Any info, examples or opinions appreciated.
Posted By: Topper Re: Neonatal Tech Banding. - 26/02/16 9:27 AM
PS. Also wholly responsible for the management / administration of INOtherapy, our primary reason for call outs.
Posted By: RoJo Re: Neonatal Tech Banding. - 26/02/16 11:50 AM
I think the easiest thing to do is to fill in an AfC job evaluation form or just compare your responsibilities with some of the standardised medical technical ones.
Posted By: Topper Re: Neonatal Tech Banding. - 29/02/16 12:44 PM
Thanks RoJo
I realise this would ultimately be required but if favourable it would still have to be justified and funded. Since voluntarily accepting the job at Band 6, (side stepping from a role where i was a B6 ITU Tech under a Band 7), i have seen Techs promoted in post including to B7 when they only maintain what i call "bread & butter" equipment with no patient contact and no On call requirement. Also the precedent to be managing someone has recently been compromised with the promotion of a 6 to 7 purely because they couldnt fill the 6 post.
Therefore what would be really useful is to establish the consensus / what is the most prevealant grade for such a role to determine if i am in a minority.
I have been on equipment courses where fellow delegates express shock at me being a Band 6 for such a role.
my carreer thus far has been MTO3/ Band 6 Snr Critical Care Tech 2002-2011 (under a Band 7 Chief) and Band 6 Snr Neonatal Tech 2011 - present (alone). The examples of others above have less than half the time in service i have given.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Neonatal Tech Banding. - 29/02/16 3:57 PM

Didn't you serve in the Armed Forces, Topper?

Maybe you have forgotten the old adage:- "never volunteer".

However, if you are really fed up with your lot, here's another idea:- look again at some of those who have been promoted (and - or - even some who you say have expressed "surprise"), and ask yourself what boxes they have ticked.

From what I have seen, "boxes ticked" seems to count more than technical competence, length of service, or what-have-you these days (and not just in the NHS)! frown
Posted By: Paul.Pichur Re: Neonatal Tech Banding. - 01/03/16 7:48 AM
Hi Topper

That description pretty much sounds like my current band 6 role. My unit has a couple more beds and around 600 pieces of kit, ranging from flow meters to various levels of ventilation equipment.
I was promoted to that post after 'proving myself at that level' for almost 12 months prior to my actual promotion. 5 years I've been at my Trust, started as an Assistant (B4) then promoted to a Scientist (B5) and now a Specialist (while doing the Medical Technologies FdSc/BSc) I also cover our CCU networked monitors/ 50 odd Anaesthetic monitors/ and many other bits of kit used around the Trust (infusion pumps, syringe pumps etc.)
My issue with my role is that although I have the full responsibilities of a Band 6 engineer. AFC only recognizes my years service and therefore I'm at the bottom of the banding, where as all other Specialists are top (some wont even attend a ventilator 'issue' when attached to a patient)
In my department and Band 7 is a Team Leader position and part of the management team.
Posted By: Topper Re: Neonatal Tech Banding. - 01/03/16 9:19 AM
Hi Paul
Your situation puts things into perspective, that being the grass isnt greener and does make me feel a little less frustrated however you have climbed a ladder to get where you are wheras i have been the same band / Grade since the day i entered what was a new industry to me 14 years ago this December.
Obviously my experience and skills have grown over that time especially within the first 3 years, and i have taken on responsibilities beyond my role at many times. I also consider myself an exceptional Technician who has his "house in order" after inheriting a mess, and i can determine via KPI's i am one of the more productive Technicians in some cases 5 fold!.
Geoff: Yes i was a RAF Eng Tech Avionics (13 years).
Regarding the boxes i dont tick, if there are any, they would certainly be nothing to do with merit, skill or responsibility.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Neonatal Tech Banding. - 01/03/16 1:11 PM

Well, Topper, it's good to hear that the mind-set you picked up during your Service kept you in good stead afterwards (as they generally do). smile

Per Ardua Ad Astra

I sometimes wonder what will become of tech services in the NHS once the (oft-visited) well of talent that the Armed Forces used to produce dries up completely (from the trickle it has now become). Perhaps they'll be hiring techs en masse from the Philippines - just as they do for nurses right now.
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