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Posted By: Ian Chell Biomedical Engineering Degree - 29/04/20 6:46 AM
Hi List,

if any of you know somebody who is considering a degree next year, you may wish to let them know about the new Birmingham City University Degree in Biomedical Engineering. I believe it is growing from strength to strength as more links with the profession are forged. One upside of COVID-19 has brought healthcare and medical engineering into the spotlight and will hopefully bring a new wave of students.

Here is a link to a recent blog post

Posted By: John Sandham Re: Biomedical Engineering Degree - 29/04/20 12:18 PM
Hi Ian,
I totally agree that biomeds are 'The hidden heroes of the COVID-19 crisis!' as stated in BCU article.
Thanks for sharing.
Posted By: Umi Re: Biomedical Engineering Degree - 06/05/20 11:09 AM
Hi John,

Do you have the BCU article?
Posted By: John Sandham Re: Biomedical Engineering Degree - 07/05/20 3:43 PM
Hi Umish,
See: https://www.bcu.ac.uk/health-scienc...the-hidden-heroes-of-the-covid-19-crisis

John. :-)
Posted By: chandrasenan5115 Re: Biomedical Engineering Degree - 02/09/20 5:52 AM
Are you conducting online courses
in Biomedical engineering
Posted By: John Sandham Re: Biomedical Engineering Degree - 02/09/20 9:20 AM
This site does not offer training courses, you would need to find a suitable provider. Check out services directory: https://www.ebme.co.uk/dir/services

Avensys and Eastwood Park.
Posted By: Alf Re: Biomedical Engineering Degree - 08/09/20 11:43 AM
Yes John

Avensys and Eastwood Park, both excellent training providers,

I have two staff undertaking an apprenticeship with Avensys presently and one member of staff training at Eastwood Park. I will encourage all to progress to gaining a Biomedical Engineering Degree. The benefits to the individual and department are huge, well worth the investment.

I would advise any new department manager to establish training initiatives in their budget as a priority.

As for on line courses see https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/ Lots of clinical, non-clinical and mandatory training here, some good training on devices and some excellent IPEM radiation/imaging training.
Posted By: Ian Chell Re: Biomedical Engineering Degree - 15/11/20 7:17 PM
Alf, thank you for your supportive words.

This year has been particularly difficult for the students - although visiting, I have a significant responsibility for the medical device module and I have yet to meet the students in person because I am too much at risk (age). \

This has meant having to give lab work by video with lab assistants etc and that was tricky but a lot of work by me has overcome this.

I have suggested to one student that he asks for shadowing experience on here so hopefully somebody near Birmingham can help....maybe more will ask, they are certainly taught to reference this website as it is such a useful resource.

We offer x-ray training and have a very good Siemens room except I can't give them the real service demo this year ....this training also includes medical location overlaps too.
Posted By: Ian Chell Re: Biomedical Engineering Degree - 04/05/21 6:50 AM
Hi all, As a quick addition to the above posts, I am pleased to say that an unprecedented number of applications have been received for the biomedical course for the coming semester. I would again beg to ask hospitals around the Birmingham area to consider shadowing opportunities.
The University is also looking how it can reciprocate with NHS apprentices. We teach cutting edge lectures that include the regulatory framework, electrical safety, electrical power basics including the necessary aspects of BS7671 medical locations and how it overlaps with BS60601. This is all in plain English with cutting edge presentations to refer to which I think you would enjoy yourselves.
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