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Are there any IIE members out there who have downloaded the Application form for the VRCT?

This form asks for a proposer and seconder, proof of qualifications, CV and employment within the NHS. We feel the later is not unreasonable but, having supplied the IIE with all the necessary qualifications etc to become members or the IIE and registered with the Engineering Council, we fail to see why this is neccessary.

I have e-mailed the IIE and they have asked for it to be completed in full!!!! Why?

It would be interesting to read your opinions.

Posted By: Anonymous Re: Voluntary Register for Clinical Technologists - 14/12/01 5:50 PM
I suppose membership of a "professional institution" other than IPEM doesn't automatically guarantee that individuals are eligible to be included on a register such as this.

The majority of individuals who are included in the VRCT will have filled in this form; irrespective of their "professional status" outside of IPEM.

The register is quite specific to a group of Technologists involved with Physics and Engineering in Healthcare and is maintained by IPEM. IPEM "makes the rules", so to speak.

It's been put to me that registering voluntarily might make the transition over to mandatory state registration for technologists (which is looking more likely) easier; particularly for individuals currently working in this field.

The costs involved with registering are fairly insignificant and the application is not a difficult form to fill in then I do not see what the problem is, personally speaking.

You did not indicate this - but if you're having trouble finding proposers and seconders then perhaps IPEM can give you advice, rather than IIE.

Of course, registration is voluntary, so there's no need to complain about it if you don't want to complete the application!
Can I clarify a number of points regarding the Voluntary Register of Clinical Technologists.

Firstly, although the Register was started by IPEM members it now exists as an autonomous body. It does not "belong" to IPEM - they provide the administrative support.

Secondly, the IIE and the Association of Renal Technicians (ART) are supporters of the Register along with IPEM. None of these professional bodies provide information regarding their members to the Register.

The Register is organised by a group of individuals who are representatives of the supporting professional bodies. IPEM members do not get favourable treatment.

In conclusion, in order to join the Register individuals require to submit their own personal details and are required to agree to follow the Rules of Registration.
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