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Posted By: John Sandham Regulations - 28/06/04 8:29 PM
As the issue of regulation of Healthcare Scientists
(including EBME professionals) is about to gather pace can I suggest another
topic under "Free Discusion" called Regulation?
(posted on behalf of Jim Methven)
I think regulations can aid status for those us already in the job and impair recruitment by putting off those thinking about engineering as a profession. I personally think they are a necessary part of this job, but we need to ensure we take part in setting them.

John. smile
Posted By: John Sandham Re: Regulations - 29/06/04 10:08 AM
Do you think we should have a new sub section on the ebme forum for discussing regulatory and professional issues such as VRCT , job descriptions, agenda for change, HR issues etc. If so, can anyone suggest a name for this new section?
Posted By: techman Re: Regulations - 29/06/04 10:20 AM
Why not just call it professional issues?
Posted By: bill_mcg Re: Regulations - 29/06/04 12:53 PM
Here are my suggestions
Big Brother Medical Physics
Affairs of the Nanny State

Don't much like regulations
Posted By: Louis Lyniswern III Re: Regulations - 29/06/04 1:25 PM
Or even "Crouts R Us" Forum.
taking over the flippin world you know.

Posted By: Tony Dowman Re: Regulations - 29/06/04 3:00 PM
Hi Louis, I mentioned it once--- but I think I got away with it !!!! laugh
Posted By: Louis Lyniswern III Re: Regulations - 30/06/04 5:42 AM
Tony my good partisan, how are you sir. wink

Posted By: John Sandham Re: Regulations - 30/06/04 4:56 PM
Fellow professionals,
'Professional issues' sounds good to me - any more??Serious suggestions considered. smile
Posted By: Louis Lyniswern III Re: Regulations - 30/06/04 5:30 PM
O.K. John, sorry frown
How about The Pro-active and very reactive "Professional issues" Forum
wink :p
Posted By: Roy Re: Regulations - 05/07/04 12:47 PM
Good idea Louis !

Now all we need is some prefessional issues to post in it. cool
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