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Posted By: Steveddie Technical competency framework - 11/03/18 9:09 PM
So, about to go to trial with the technical competency framework, any other ebme’s already have one in place I can learn from?
Posted By: Kevin Finn Re: Technical competency framework - 11/03/18 10:18 PM
Might have something you can use, will PM you in the morning.
Posted By: Steveddie Re: Technical competency framework - 12/03/18 11:06 AM
Thank you.
Posted By: Electric Blobby Re: Technical competency framework - 27/08/18 8:34 PM
any data or success could be some thing I am imtersfed in as I am looking to developers as well.
Posted By: robcully Re: Technical competency framework - 13/07/20 8:06 AM
Hi all, I am in a similar position to this. Does anyone have an example of a competency framework that I could have a look at please. Any help would be much appreciated.
Posted By: Neil Porter Re: Technical competency framework - 13/07/20 9:03 AM

Are you looking for documentation that will allow you to be accredited?

Posted By: John Sandham Re: Technical competency framework - 13/07/20 9:11 AM
Hi All,
There are some interesting resources here:
and here:

I have had a number of meeting over the past year with Pete Sellers, CEO of IHEEM, to look at how the EBME Website can collaborate with IHEEM to raise the profile of EBME technicians and Engineers, and use the IHEEM CPD platform for the benefit of our community. This has been slowed down by covid, but is still ongoing work the the EBME Website is doing on behalf of our members.

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Posted By: robcully Re: Technical competency framework - 13/07/20 11:51 AM
I am putting together an internal framework that we can apply to our staff so I'm looking for examples that people may have in place within their own organisations so that I can possibly apply to ours as this is quite a specialised field so finding existing ones to give me a base to wok from has been difficult.

Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks
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