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Posted By: Rob Barefoot Found T34 - CNLB 15435 - 18/04/17 10:39 AM
Morning all, hope everyone had a fantastic 4 day weekend.

Randomly found a T34 on my travels around the area (See Thread Title for Asset Number), if someone could give me the SN then i can get it returned to its rightful owner.


Thanks in advance
Posted By: jan leeson Re: Found T34 - CNLB 15435 - 20/04/17 8:33 AM
Hi - this belongs to Royal Shrewsbury Hospital - serial number -S10014 - many thanks
Posted By: Rob Barefoot Re: Found T34 - CNLB 15435 - 20/04/17 2:28 PM
Thanks Jan, I'll get it sent out.
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