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Posted By: dovid josef found Asena CC syringe pump - 27/09/17 11:02 AM
Could anyone help me to contact someone in the biomed engineering dep. of the Alder Hey
children's hospital in Liverpool, UK ?
I've found one of their devices in the hospital I work in - in Tel Aviv, Israel! of all places!
I'd like it returned to its rightful owner.
Posted By: Daniel Lewis Re: found Asena CC syringe pump - 22/08/21 9:18 PM
Hi David Josef,
I'm the Manager at Alder Hey BME. I have come across your post by chance (4 years after the event unfortunately) as I was looking for advice regarding expensive equipment which has not being returned by patient families.
If you still have the device or details of it please let me know on daniel.lewis@alderhey.nhs.uk. I'd love to know how it ended up in Tel Aviv!
Thank you for raising this.
Posted By: DarrenRai Re: found Asena CC syringe pump - 25/10/21 9:01 PM
Hi Danny,

We buy and sell medical equipment from the UK , and have come across pumps form your hospital, possible decommissioned units which then get used for parts or are repaired and exported out of the country!

We have exported hundreds of pumps from various NHS trusts over the years so i would assume it may be part of the equipment you dispose off or send to various companies for reselling
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