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Posted By: Hilary T34's on ebay - 05/02/19 9:48 AM
I'm fuming today and need to vent.

I received an email from a lovely charity that raise funds for community t34's they had seen one of our T34's for sale on ebay.
I duly looked and could clearly see our asset and name etched on the lockbox and driver, There would have also been several labels with the hospice name, address and property of please return all over both items.
Ebay informed item was stolen, police crime number obtained.
I contacted the seller who displayed a breathtaking level of Cheeky F***ery!
He brought the item from a boot sale for £120 as was unwilling to 'donate' that much to us. I informed him it wasn't his to sell and he needed to return it.- apparently in the 2hrs we were discoursing he had sold it and posted it.

For back ground we are a hospice who do a lot of work with patients in the community, drivers are lent to patients at home with clear instructions they are to be returned.

There are several drivers for sale on ebay - some blatantly from hospitals and hospices, the charity who gave me the heads up have asked sellers for serial numbers and have sometimes obtained them.
SNS48918, SNS42638 are currently on ebay.

The front of these people is shocking!
Posted By: jonF Re: T34's on ebay - 05/02/19 3:13 PM
I used to work at CME, if you contact them they will know who the device was sold to, the serial number is on the rear of the device and it is also recorded in the pump and cannot be changed. Ring them on Tel +44 (0)1253 206700
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: T34's on ebay - 05/02/19 8:17 PM

Couple of points here:- who signed for the T-34 when it was "issued" by the Hospice? That's the first port of call for the Old Bill (although I'm prepared to bet they won't even bother). If I were you would send the signatory (borrower) an invoice, then take things from there. You do have some sort of Property Control system, I presume?

Next ... there's no way that it sold for that amount at any car-boot sale that I have ever been to. They don't even go for anything like that at Hilditch. £ 12, more like (if that) - especially if (when) stolen. smile

Unfortunately, those pumps will never be recovered. Thieves are thieves, and there are plenty about. But appealing to their "better nature" will never work (as they won't have one). frown

Sadly, you need to write them off (the pumps, that is); and probably tighten up your procedures.

Having just taken a quick look at the state of play on eBay, I must say I am surprised at the amounts being asked. Some fantastic profit margins there. There are even some junk T-34's on there (clearly indicated as "for parts or not working") that the seller is looking for fifty quid a piece! So sadly, it looks like there is an incentive there for thieving low-life to make easy money. What else is new?
Posted By: Ian Chell Re: T34's on ebay - 09/02/19 10:19 AM

I sent the eBay link to a former colleague at MHRA and he has passed it on for review. Nothing may come of it but it's their job to look into such issues.

Always report stuff like this.

I won't know the outcome but I would suggest if more than one person reports things like this, it gives them the justification to spend time on an issue.

They need trends to spot an issue.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: T34's on ebay - 09/02/19 3:33 PM

Trends? It's been going on for years ... and nothing will come of it.

Yes; by all means report (complain about) such incidents if theft is suspected; but I would suggest:-

1) eBay
2) Police

But again, nothing will come of it. frown

As previously mentioned, prevention (and insurance) is probably better than cure.
Posted By: Ian Chell Re: T34's on ebay - 09/02/19 6:00 PM
I agree but I thought it may help.
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