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A report by the think tank 'Parliament Street' last year revealed that suspected thefts of electrical equipment from NHS sites had increased by 33% over a three-year period.

I spotted this story 'Security Fasteners' on medtech news about a new range of security fasteners that have been launched to prevent offenders from stealing or tampering with equipment in hospitals and other medical centres.

Interesting concept. I have used stainless steel cable to attach devices to their stands in the past, which is also good for ensuring they don't 'vanish' from the hospital and end up on ebay.
The report cited seems to suggest that mobile phones and laptops are the most likely targets. No surprises there - as they would be (are) easier to fence (turn into cash) than, say, an ECG Recorder or a box of oxygen flowmeters.

Unfortunately, "screwing it to the wall" or "bolting it to the floor" doesn't really work in many (most?) cases.

Chains and locks (pad-locks) are all very well, until staff "forget" to use them (or leave them unsecured - "in case they lose the keys")!

Maybe increased staff vigilance, better security (staff) and bothering to use the many CCTV cameras dotted around could help. Not forgetting RFID tagging.

All that assumes, of course, that the staff themselves are not the ones doing the "tea-leafing"!

What could be of greater interest (to me, at least) is how many of the thieves have been prosecuted, and what sentencing did they receive.

"Prevent" theft, John? "Deter", at best, I would suggest.

In passing, there are good reasons why hospital drugs are (or should be - a legal obligation, in fact) kept safely locked away.

TR Fastenings.
In fact if somebody comes across a Rigel 233 that was stolen from the Rome American Hospital in 1999 it's mine !!!
Good points Geoff. Stopping theft of devices is something manufacturers could help with. Do you remember the Ivac thermometers that would alarm if they weren't put back on their base station? Maybe a proximity sensor would be a better deterrent?
That can still be achieved with the Welch Allyn Thermometer, except "the users dont like it". Cant understand why i can upload a bit of software or an app that will show me pictures of users if they steal or use my phone, even provide me an IP address whenever it taps into a network. Yet Hospitals dont utilise the same thing, normally because of costs, which is then spent on replacement devices *facepalm*
@ Dustcap: Call me a cynic (realist), but I suspect the real reason there is that they don't want to "offend" staff who "borrow" (accidentally, of course) the gear.

@ John: Sorry to be "old fashioned", but "hitting them in the pocket" (equipment account holders) tends to sharpen folk up a bit (and I write from experience on that one).
These aint bad but they aren't cheap..

Now that is genius! Shame no UK supplier?
I agree Geoff,
I budget holders felt in their 'pockets' they may feel more inclined to keep a closer eye on their assets. Voytek contraption looks interesting Malcolm.
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