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Posted By: BSM Found and Lost? - 04/05/10 10:47 AM

I have been presented with a Marquette CD Telemetry Transmitter with a red label stating: "AICU006MTE".

Is this yours, or do you know who it might belong to?

If so, and you can furnish me with the correct serial number, then it can be returned to it's owner.
Posted By: BSM Re: Found and Lost? - 10/05/10 2:53 PM
OK, for the second time of asking.........

It will be disposed of if it is not claimed by the end of the month!!!!!
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Found and Lost? - 10/05/10 3:16 PM

See earlier post. frown
Posted By: BSM Re: Found and Lost? - 21/05/10 12:22 PM

As it isn't my equipment to give away, I feel that I cannot donate it to someone. Besides, I don't know of anyone who still uses this telemetry system.

Now, the third time of asking.....not long to go!
Posted By: BSM Re: Found and Lost? - 24/05/10 1:32 PM
Gone ..... owner found.
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