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Posted By: kjalfa found T34 - 05/10/12 11:45 AM
found - one T34 in lock box with EBME INV no. 155632.

Let me know the serial number and details of owner and I can return it to you.
Posted By: RoJo Re: found T34 - 05/10/12 2:54 PM
For those who are designing labels for equipment, this is why it is a good idea to put the hospital name on the label.
Kjalfa would kknow which hospital to contact.
Posted By: Neoteny Re: found T34 - 16/10/12 9:08 AM
We have lost about three, however should be hospital name on them.
Posted By: Neil Porter Re: found T34 - 16/10/12 10:24 AM
I have mentioned this before, to save space on your labels "why not use the POST-CODE"
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: found T34 - 16/10/12 2:01 PM

... and (or) full STD telephone number!

Too simple, Neil ... too simple. whistle
Posted By: kjalfa Re: found T34 - 22/10/12 12:46 PM
Our labels have the Hospital name on them - helps when we look after more than one! There was an extension number but that doesn't help when they are not in the imediate location.

I've found out the owner now and it has been returned to them in North Wales.
Posted By: Rita Ames Re: found T34 - 28/10/13 1:45 PM
kjalfa, the other way is to just email cme, they should have a log of the serial numbers and who they sold them to. It's possible the owner may not use the forum. Try emailing GSouthern@cmemedical.co.uk. She is our rep but would be able to pass on to someone who can find out who it belongs to.
Posted By: MrLee Re: found T34 - 20/01/15 2:45 PM
Found T34 in Edinburgh. This has a yellow label: "TWEZCCOMZE54 002 Community Health Service Ext 3020/3021 Dept 040687" Does this mean anything to anybody? I agree that all labels should have at least a postcode as this can identify the hospital.
Posted By: stevo72 Re: found T34 - 30/06/15 1:22 PM
Hi Mr Lee, from the label id, your T34 is from the Northumberland NHS Trust Community Nursing Team. The full telephone number is 01670 529020 and will get you through to the EBME department at Wansbeck Hospital - I only know this as it is my current employer. Thanks.
Posted By: MrLee Re: found T34 - 02/06/16 8:38 AM
Many thanks stevo72 that's great, mystery solved and T34 reunited with its owner!
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: found T34 - 02/06/16 11:38 AM

A Happy Ending ... almost a year later! smile

Nice hospital, Wansbeck.
Posted By: Lee S Re: found T34 - 13/09/16 12:09 PM

Another T34; this time found in Hereford marked "KTWD 89847"

Let me know the serial number and details of owner and I will return it.

I've also emailed CME let's see who is the quickest.

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: found T34 - 13/09/16 1:06 PM

Other than that, we could all have hours of fun cracking the code! smile

Here goes (your starter for ten):- how about "Kingston Ward(s)"?
Posted By: Lee S Re: found T34 - 13/09/16 1:13 PM
How ever there is a small community hospital about 30 miles away called Knighton Community Hospital; i think i might just phone them.
Thanks Geoff
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: found T34 - 13/09/16 1:39 PM

Can we assume that y'all are still working on the previous suggestions? think

Originally Posted By: Neil Porter

I have mentioned this before, to save space on your labels "why not use the POST-CODE"

Originally Posted By: Geoff Hannis

... and (or) full STD telephone number!

Also (just out of interest) how (where) do these T-34's magically appear? Does someone hand them in; picked up on (PM) visits to the Wards (Departments); found in the rubbish bin / smoking shelter ... or what?
Posted By: Lee S Re: found T34 - 13/09/16 2:12 PM
It appears that some “groups” do not want to give their details out.

T34s are often used for palliative care so they often move with the patient between home, hospitals, hospice and back again.

When they are no longer required they are frequently returned to whoever "deals" with T34s for that organisation. They then have the task of repatriating the equipment.

CME gave me details of the “Authority” that purchased the pump about 20 minutes after Geoff made his suggestion; and the Hospital are grateful.

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: found T34 - 13/09/16 4:57 PM

Yes; we would expect any particular T-34 to be assigned to a named patient for as long as s/he needs it ... and ultimately given up to whomever is willing to accept it.

But if the "groups" wish to remain anonymous (and, to be honest, I can't really see why, myself), perhaps the secret details (aka 'phone number, post code or what-have-you) could be squirreled away on the inside of the casing (for example).

Failing that, some sort of universal (but hopefully) logical coding system (known only to the healthcare illuminati) could be devized.

As Lee has discovered, CME can only advise who bought the thing ... not where it currently belongs. But a simple database could be maintained (by somebody - how about the NHS?) where organizations could assert ownership of T-34's by serial number.

Other than that, why bother returning them at all ... but rather simply share them across the NHS, wherever they may be (or end up) and replenish from Central Stores (what Central Stores?) when stocks become low. smile
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