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Posted By: Rita Ames Found T34 - 05/10/15 12:50 PM
We have a T34 syringe driver that was handed in to our equipment library. I contacted CME who have informed me it belongs to St Margarets Hsopital, Epping. I tried to call them but couldn't get any contact details so I can return it,the person I spoke to didn't even know what I was trying to tell them. The serial number of the unit is S40760. I've looked on this site but I can't find any one using the hospital name to search so if anyone from St Margarets or PAH is reading this could they please email me with a contact name and point of return and I will send it back to you.


Posted By: Huw Re: Found T34 - 05/10/15 2:22 PM
Hi Rita,
I've contacted the owner and given them your email address.
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