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Posted By: Huw Old tech - 12/02/15 3:46 PM
Not exactly new tech - but pretty cool gifs anyway.

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Old tech - 12/02/15 3:58 PM

Nice One(s)! smile

So paper clips are not made by legions of ladies sitting there* with wire cutters and round-nosed pliers after all, then. whistle

Any more like that? Keep 'em coming. Like:- how are tea-bags made!

* With their head-phones on, of course.
Posted By: Lee S Re: Old tech - 13/02/15 6:46 AM
Another fan.

Posted By: Huw Re: Old tech - 23/12/15 10:37 PM
Something different, but oh so very cool.
Posted By: Moira Re: Old tech - 29/12/15 3:10 PM
I love that!
What a lovely piece of precision glass work.
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