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Erbe icc 300 ERROR 45,ERROR 3

Posted By: Nikola

Erbe icc 300 ERROR 45,ERROR 3 - 12/12/19 2:43 PM

Hi,erbe show error 45 and Error 3. Have any ideas?Please help!!!
Posted By: Malcolm

Re: Erbe icc 300 ERROR 45,ERROR 3 - 19/12/19 10:59 AM

Hi Nikola,
From the service manual

Error 3 "The switched-mode power supply unit supplies no voltage during activation, error in the
switched-mode power supply unit."

Error 45 "HF generator error during self-check." HF output voltage too low.
To resolve these problems the service manual states " Contact Erbe Technical Service"

Not much help methinks …...

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