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Posted By: angie Airshields system 7830 infant warmer - 24/05/06 1:37 PM
Hi all,
I know this is probably a very long shot but I am trying to locate a spare mains on/off switch for an Airshields 7830 Infant warmer.
I have tried the original manufacturer with no luck and am now waiting for a reply from a company called RAFI but I don't hold out much hope mad
The switch has the following markings:
LEDEX INC 785082-001
16 (6)/250
RAFI 2.05
T85 deg C
The hole in the panel it needs to fit in is 20mm wide by 30mm long.
Apart from the broken switch the warmer is working perfectly so it would be great if we can find one and keep the old beast going for a while longer!
Posted By: RoJo Re: Airshields system 7830 infant warmer - 24/05/06 2:29 PM
Have you tried Draeger Medical who now sell the Airshields stuff?
Posted By: angie Re: Airshields system 7830 infant warmer - 25/05/06 11:44 AM
Hi Robert,
I tried Draeger first of all and they no longer support this warmer and have no spares for it. I then tried RAFI and Ledex who made the switch and they say it is now obsolete and can't think of another switch we could use instead.
I was hoping that maybe someone might have one tucked away in their stores somewhere.
If I can't find anything suitable I expect this poor old beast may have to be retired!
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