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Posted By: angie Dental handpiece bearing kits - 06/09/06 1:26 PM
Hi all,
Does anyone know where we can buy dental handpiece replacement bearing kits from in the U.K?
We have been buying them from the U.S but it is taking up to 6 months to get the parts which is causing big problems frown
Many thanks
Posted By: Lee S Re: Dental handpiece bearing kits - 07/09/06 5:54 AM
I don't know where you can obtain replacement bearing kits, however we use a company called BA International Tel. 01604 777700 Fax. 01604 721844 E-mail www.bainternational.com for our handpiece repairs and servicing; and are very happy with them.
Posted By: Dave Howell Re: Dental handpiece bearing kits - 07/09/06 7:18 AM

We get our handsets repaired by BA International but if viability is not there www.bds-international.co.uk sell handpieces from 42.00.

Posted By: angie Re: Dental handpiece bearing kits - 19/09/06 8:01 AM
Thanks for your help guys.
I do use BA International when I can't get bearings but as you can imagine with 50 odd surgeries to look after I get a lot of handpieces for repair and it costs us around 4 times the cost of the bearings to get them repaired elsewhere. I was hoping I might be able to find a supplier in the U.K as it takes an age to get them from the U.S. I have been waiting for an order since April!
Posted By: Dave Howell Re: Dental handpiece bearing kits - 19/09/06 3:12 PM

If it's anymore help I searched on google for dental handpiece bearings and there are loads of companies. This company looked good www.bardenbearings.co.uk, don't know but it may be worth a try.

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