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Posted By: Dave Howell BIDOP ES-100V3 - 08/04/16 12:35 PM
Hi all,

I have a BIDOP ES-100V3 Vascular Doppler that has the battery cover missing, I have phoned K-med twice and emailed them over the last month and am still waiting for a reply (they are the only UK agents I could find) but, hopefully, some one out there does know of another company that could supply a cover.


Posted By: Dave Howell Re: BIDOP ES-100V3 - 08/04/16 5:52 PM
I'm in shock, had an email from K-med @ 16.24 and they are checking to see if they have one. This forum really works, thanks guys.
Posted By: ariel dulay Re: BIDOP ES-100V3 - 14/04/16 6:55 AM
Credit to admin.
Posted By: Dave Howell Re: BIDOP ES-100V3 - 15/04/16 6:31 AM
Spoke too soon, K-Med WERE coming back to me by end of play Monday 11th todays Friday and still waiting.
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