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Posted By: myas27 electrical safety tester direct printing - 27/06/19 7:20 AM
Hi all,

can someone give recommendations on an electrical safety tester, from which we can print directly to a A4 printer.

We used to have the Metron QA-90. wonderful device although it could only test to 60601.

We also use Rigels, however, with that we have to transfer to the PC then print. i know there a receipt style printers for Rigels but we want to be able to print to A4 size printer.

Thanks in advanced guys.
Posted By: MikeX Re: electrical safety tester direct printing - 27/06/19 5:49 PM
I think the Datrend vPad Pro2 can print A4 reports.

Welcome to the forum Mobeen. smile

Is is really worth forking out for a new tester just to be able to print reports in A4 format?

If you are already using Rigel hand-held testers, why not simply save from those to a database on your PC? Then you can do whatever you wish with those reports.

But perhaps you need to ask why you need to print EST reports anyway? think
To Quote..(copy/ paste) * Measuring conditions Measurements shall be performed using a measuring device able to deliver a current of at least 200 mA into 500 mΩ. The open circuit voltage shall not exceed 24 V. While low current tests (up to 1 A) are recommended, tests using up to 25 A may be used.

Why not continue to use the QA 90 ??
HI All,
I can confirm the Datrend Rugged 2 can directly print to a WIFI or bluetooth printer. It uses Epsom iPrint app to perform the function. Data is in text files, or PDF.

Welcome to the forum. Howard. smile

Android OS. shades

Which version, by the way? Or does Datrend always install the latest one?
HI all. Android versions change like the winds. At the moment we supply 7.1 Nougat, and can support 8.0 Oreo, with a small update. Android 9 Pie s on its way, and v10 (Q) isi n development. Android it now very stable and we try to follow what Android provides.

Do hospitals now allow Android devices on wards? We have found some do, some dont....

The great advantage with Android is that it has a lot of features already installed. For instance, for those who have Softpro Medusa, we can now use the Android OS WIFI and wired network point to automatically move safety tests to the device in the database. Whilst this removes a lot of paperwork from the engineers, and allows more tool time (something I am always in favour of, being a 30 year experienced old school biomed engineer, and hating all the paperwork), it does take a lot of trust in the system, as well as some help from the IT dept.

It seems they have settled down to annual (August) releases now; so the next one may well be "imminent".

They have also teamed up with various Big Names a couple of times .. KitKat (2013) and Oreo (2017), for example.

I wonder who it will be (was) for Pie ... Greggs? smile

Meanwhile, is Datrend doing anything about RFID (different topic)? - Android (and Wi-Fi) could be useful there too.

I have an old (and largely useless) Jelly Bean (2012) tablet here.

The vPad Rugged 2 from Datrend could print directly to a printer, since this is a unit based on an android tablet, so if the printer has an application to print directly by Bluetooth or wifi you could do it

I have done this task with our Canon printers and border printers, also you could print labels for the devices that you tested

Hope this could help
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