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Posted By: JIM GAVIN SimCube - SimSlim - OxSim - 10/06/16 9:04 AM
Morning All

I need to get three competitive quotations for the supply a number of these simulators. All available from Proact Medical. The manufacturer is Pronk Technologies in Canada.

Do you know of any other supplier of these devices, within the UK?


Posted By: Lee S Re: SimCube - SimSlim - OxSim - 10/06/16 12:14 PM
Hello Jim

We got ours through Proact; I suspect it will be easier for you to get quotes for three different manufacturers of simular testers.

Posted By: DaveC in Oz Re: SimCube - SimSlim - OxSim - 14/06/16 9:56 PM
Hi Jim, any particular reason for Pronk? Personally, I don't think they are that good, especially the NIBP sims that, while nice and compact, are a bit all over the place when it comes to being accurate.

You could write directly to Pronk

They will send your info to their dealers at the UK

Hope this help
Posted By: michal1 Re: SimCube - SimSlim - OxSim - 17/07/20 9:06 PM
Maybe you can try in Germany: https://mtk-biomed.com/
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: SimCube - SimSlim - OxSim - 18/07/20 4:15 PM
Still available from PROACT Medical in the UK.

I Asked and Yes the dealer for UK is Proact Medical


Best regards
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