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Posted By: Lee S Verifying Bladder scanners in house - 18/10/16 8:48 AM

Are any of you verifying your Bladder scanners in house?
If so how and with what?

Bladder scanner operation can be verified using a dedicated phantom load, available from a number of sources. Failing that, you can make one with a bag of saline, silicon gel and a Tupperware box.
Calibration should always be carried out following manufacturers guidelines, but the use of a phantom load is a quick and repeatable way to verify operation.
Posted By: Sab3112 Re: Verifying Bladder scanners in house - 19/10/16 2:34 PM
We calibrate the Verathon BVI 9400 bladder scanner in house in conjunction with the calibration tank, you have to have a licence from verathon I think, and be connected to the internet as they can diagnose any issues when you are carrying out the calibration.
The probe sits in the lid of the calibration tank and is submerged in the water and the unit carries out a calibration. You then get a calibration certificate to keep for your records
Posted By: Lee S Re: Verifying Bladder scanners in house - 20/10/16 11:36 AM

We check the Verathon BVI 9400 units with their calibration tank, but we cannot verify Verathon's older units.

The Bardscanner units we have can be verified against a phantom load; however the model recommended is 3k to 4k.

I personally would much prefer to verify bladder scanners against a known volume of fluid rather than a strangely shaped piece of plastic like Verathon uses(it bears absolutely no relation to the shape of a bladder) in a water tank.

I have found a phantom load with a 130ml volume this is verified to be with in 2%; however the manufacturer says that the Verathon units detect up to 170ml on these phantoms.

Posted By: stevesmh Re: Verifying Bladder scanners in house - 01/10/19 2:33 PM
where else can these bladder scanners phantom load be purchased from apart from the OEM of the bladder scanner ?

PM sent. smile
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