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Posted By: romu Agilia SP - 05/07/19 5:45 PM
The 4-digit maintenance code for resetting Fresenius Kabi Injectomat Agilia's maintenance date is operational, but how can this date be reset on Agilia SP?
There is no reset button on the screen.
Thank you for your help
Posted By: stl Re: Agilia SP - 27/08/19 7:07 AM
I'm also having the same problem. Did you manage to reset the date?
Posted By: DaveC in Oz Re: Agilia SP - 27/08/19 9:42 PM
we think it may be 0400
Posted By: stl Re: Agilia SP - 28/08/19 12:34 PM
Originally Posted by DaveC in Oz
we think it may be 0400

It is 0400, thanks.
Just for the record I did performed the necessary tests with Ansur/IDA.
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