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Posted By: SeniorJunior Philips IntelliVue MX450 - 14/11/19 9:31 AM
Philips MX450 don't boot system.
After pressing the power button, all indicators light up and somewhere in a minute the speaker starts to generate three short and two long signals.
The device can be turned off/on.
Voltage at the control points normally.
On the mainboard is a 1 gig MicroSD memory card.
In the readers card is absolutely not recognized, it’s broken.
For example on the fetal monitor Neoventa Stan S31 on CF memory card is a system boot loader, and patient examination results.
Maybe someone can clarify what is on MicroSD.
At Philips assortment there is only one option: exchange the motherboard for an extra charge smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Philips IntelliVue MX450 - 14/11/19 1:20 PM

Sounds interesting. smile

Do you have the manual?

Added 45 minutes later:-

I've had a quick look at that manual, and doubt it will help you much. frown

It sounds like you need to try a valid Micro-SD card in there. I don't suppose you have another MX-400/450/500/550 close at hand?

I'm also wondering how the card became corrupted. think

But "what's on there"? System configuration settings, I should imagine. I'm wondering if you can re-instate these (maybe using a fresh Micro-SD card) - or reset to defaults - via one of the menu options (fingers crossed) such as Config Mode.

The Good News is that there seems to be a fair amount of spares (refurbished boards, and what-have-you) available for these monitors on line.
Posted By: SeniorJunior Re: Philips IntelliVue MX450 - 15/11/19 12:07 PM
The monitor is dead and only responds to the on/off button.
Yes we can buy a refurbished board from China but from Philips
it will be more expensive only for a couple of hundred euros and real one year warranty.
My old Samsung Galaxy S3 "killed" two memory cards smile
Of course another option is to find (or who agree to give) any working monitor of this series and make a copy of the memory card.
But the most interesting is information about the purpose and content of this memory card...
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Philips IntelliVue MX450 - 15/11/19 2:09 PM

Yes,it would be nice if someone could send you a copy of a valid Micro-SD card. Could the data be successfully sent as an email attachment, I wonder. think

Regarding its contents ... that's probably an academic question (as you really just need to get the monitor going again). But I imagine that Philips use that (cheap, easy) technology for the reason you have alluded to:- an easy way to re-configure (and/or upgrade) the MX monitors.

Like you, I would be interested to see what data is meant to be held on the Micro-SD card; but unlike you, I don't have an MX monitor to hand. frown
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