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Posted By: edovon Electrical Safety Analyzer Fluke - 30/11/19 11:37 AM

I am using the Electrical Safety Analyzer ESA620 of the "Fluke Biomedical".
In order to tests a medical device, I have to plug it in the plug of the ESA. In this way the device can get electrical power from the ESA.

My problem:
in this tests work only the device that have an incorporate battery. The devices that do not have internal battery do not work at all, and the ESA cannot measure anything.

Thank you,
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Electrical Safety Analyzer Fluke - 30/11/19 5:19 PM

Sounds like you need to read the manual, Edoardo. smile

Either that, or you are using a faulty mains cable between the ES-620 and the equipment under test. Unless, of course, there is something wrong with your ESA-620 (which I doubt).
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