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Posted By: Neoteny Olympus Camera Heads - 02/08/21 8:38 AM
Does anyone use Olympus Stack Systems?

If so, who do you use for repairs if not Olympus?
Posted By: Dustcap Re: Olympus Camera Heads - 02/08/21 1:37 PM
Althea? They do a lot of Olympus device repairs.
Posted By: Neoteny Re: Olympus Camera Heads - 03/08/21 8:16 AM
Posted By: Umi Re: Olympus Camera Heads - 25/11/21 7:42 AM
I would check with the OEM before you embark on third-party repairs...
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Olympus Camera Heads - 25/11/21 5:09 PM
Why? To give them the chance of beating the Third-Party quote? Or maybe offering an Extended Warranty?

Or would that be because the equipment has been leased from the OEM ... which would, of course, undoubtedly contain a clause that repairs may only be carried out by the OEM (which would be fair enough).

Otherwise, the OEM does not own the equipment, and therefore has no claim on it. In other words, the owners can do whatever they want with it (within the Law, of course).
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