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Posted By: shiju Zoll defibrillator - PD 1400 - 09/04/08 9:52 AM
Hi everyone

I am having two unusual things happening with my defibrilators,

1.) There are crackling sound inside the machine while holding charge above 300J.

2.) then there is a tendency for the paddles to act magnetic: is that usual with Zoll ( I havent used this machine before and havent noticed this in any other defibs)


Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Zoll defibrillator - PD 1400 - 09/04/08 10:06 AM
Can't you guess what that crackling sound could be, Shiju? smile
Posted By: shiju Re: Zoll defibrillator - PD 1400 - 10/04/08 3:57 AM
Hi Geoff,

Guessed!!!! the capacitor.. but as I couldn't find any leaking or sort of abnormal things physically, just wanted another guess from someone else, before suspecting/confirming any PCB's inside.

Thank you.
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