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Posted By: julio FISHER&PAYKEL MR850JHU PROBLEM - 10/06/11 10:05 AM
I got FISHER&PAYKEL MR850JHU problem,that error code showed E28 and E12.Who can tell me which board is bad?
Posted By: rani Re: FISHER&PAYKEL MR850JHU PROBLEM - 10/06/11 1:41 PM
E28-mains voltage measurement is uncalibrated; E12- temp. circuit calibration out of range. Check your service manual and go to service menu and try to calibrate first the humidifier and check your power PCB B/D, maybe just need recalibrations.
Posted By: julio Re: FISHER&PAYKEL MR850JHU PROBLEM - 14/06/11 11:47 AM
Micro-controller failure could be it?How to do the calibration?
Posted By: rani Re: FISHER&PAYKEL MR850JHU PROBLEM - 15/06/11 11:56 AM
You must have a service manual and follow the instructions for voltage calibration check.
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