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Posted By: Vich Fibrillator - 11/04/12 8:07 AM
Please can anyone tell us where you can order a Fibrillator from. We have 2 at GOSH that are least 20 years old and need replacing. Thanks for the help.
Posted By: Paul Robbins Re: Fibrillator - 11/04/12 10:36 AM
We have normally made our own in the past, if you are interested let me have an email address for you and I'll send over the cct diagram.

The last one we acquired ages ago came from GU Medical now Fannin UK? It might be worth giving them a call to see if they still do it - I think they are based in Wellingborugh somewhere. If not try contacting GU medical in Reading as through my serch engine they come back as a supplier of Ac fibrillators. Otherwise it is the good old US of A - try a serch for ac fibrillator suppliers in USA, or start with Cardiovascular Instrument Corporation.
Posted By: Vich Re: Fibrillator - 11/04/12 11:15 AM
Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.
Posted By: RoJo Re: Fibrillator - 16/04/12 8:41 AM
All our ones are old GU ones as well. When I work at Royal Brompton we had home made ones. Electrical safety testing these devices is intesting to say the least.
I would be intested if you find a supplier as the ones here are very long in the tooth. I would suggest St Jude or Medtronic as a starting point in the USA or Biotronic in Europe as they will be CE marked.
Posted By: Vich Re: Fibrillator - 16/04/12 11:32 AM
Thank you RoJo. Tried Fannin no luck there. Found them in the US but no supplier in the UK. Will try your suggestions and let you know.
Posted By: smb Re: Fibrillator - 11/09/19 10:14 AM
We are looking for a new Fibrillator device, can anyone help with a supplier?
Posted By: Malcolm Re: Fibrillator - 11/09/19 1:34 PM
We are still using a device made by Stockert,Sorin Group.
I believe the Sorin group is now part of LivaNova.

LivaNova UK Limited- 1370 Montpellier Court - Gloucester Business Park
Gloucester - GL3 4AH
Phone: +44 (0) 1452 638500
Fax: +44 (0) 1452 638530
Posted By: smb Re: Fibrillator - 12/09/19 10:59 AM
Thanks for the info. it seems they stopped selling them about 12 months ago.
The company aren't aware of any other supplier
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