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Posted By: Jocky Zoll defibrillator M Series - 22/12/12 7:29 PM
Here's one a colleague had which seemed to bamboozle the company. When carrying out PPM on the Zoll it was found the display was the correct way up when on battery power but upside down when switched to mains. Anyone any ideas on this one? We're all stumped. Does the power for the mains and battery come in on different pins on the ribbon cable (a thought I've just had though not sure why that'd make any difference to the display)
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Zoll defibrillator M Series - 23/12/12 2:01 AM

Well, that's an interesting one, Jocky.

Which M-Series do you have there? The one with a colour display?

I've had a look at the manual, and notice that the colour display version has a board (connected to the LCD) called "LCD Inverter". Any clue(s) there, I wonder? think

Unfortunately the manual I have shows "block diagrams" only.

My only other guess would to be clear (reset) the config settings and see what results.

In passing, I'm wondering what the "Expanded Display Option" is all about.

Good Luck with that one, Mate. smile
Posted By: biomedbill Re: Zoll defibrillator M Series - 24/12/12 12:51 PM
You haven't got the Live & Neutral swapped over have you crazy? There's one for the Christmas Cracker, sorry couldn't help myself.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Zoll defibrillator M Series - 24/12/12 2:19 PM

Or the fuse in the wrong way around? think

Ho, ho, ho.

It's the way you tell 'em, Bill.
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