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Posted By: hassan zoll m series turn on problem - 29/12/12 6:54 AM
Dear friends.
I have a problem with one zoll m series defibrilator.
i plug it to ac outlet . the charger led indicator is green . but when i turn it on( rotate the selector knob to the monitor or defibrilator position ) do not happend any thing and defibrilator dont power on .
do you have any ideas or try to solve this problem before me ?
thank's alot for your help .
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: zoll m series turn on problem - 30/12/12 9:19 PM

Does it work OK on "battery" only, Hassan? smile

And ... what is the condition of the battery?

What happens if you remove the battery and try again on mains power? think
Posted By: hassan Re: zoll m series turn on problem - 31/12/12 12:30 PM
thank you geoff for your reply .
the battery is failed the voltage of the battery is approximately 2 volts . in a normal system , when we remove the battery , the charge indicator led begin to blink . but in this system charge indicator led is green without any change . i removed the battery and try to power on it without battery . but didn't occurred any changeand it did't power on . in a normal system it work without battery normally by a massage that indicate the battery is removed from the system .
and i don't check it with a good battery . can you help me ???
thank you .
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: zoll m series turn on problem - 31/12/12 1:31 PM

Well, you could try the unit with a known good battery ... but it's beginning to sound like the problem could be on the battery charger board (AC Charger Assembly) or the Battery Interconnect board. I would suspect the former (which is, I believe, basically a SMPS). frown

I don't have any of these units to look at (nor indeed, a circuit diagram), Hassan ... but if you have other units available, you may need to do a bit of board swapping now, I reckon.

Maybe someone else on here has recent experience on these defibs (and would like to chime in)? think
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