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Posted By: Angus Draeger Fabius Comparison - 18/07/13 6:12 PM
Are there any Anaesthesia Biomeds out there who can help me with a specification comparison?
I am looking to find the fundamental difference between the Draeger Fabius GS and the Fabius Plus. Sorry to say, but the various Draeger websites only add to the confusion.
Many thanks,
Posted By: Timsta Re: Draeger Fabius Comparison - 13/08/13 4:11 PM
Are you only interested in the Draeger Fabius models? How about looking into Mindray A5 unit?
Posted By: Angus Re: Draeger Fabius Comparison - 14/08/13 11:06 AM
Fabius was a specific request by the hospital.
Posted By: Fitz Re: Draeger Fabius Comparison - 15/08/13 8:42 AM
If you mean Fabius GS Premium then the fundomental differences are.

1st) Flow meter.
The Fabius Plus has mechanical flowmeters with, and the Fabius GS premium has electronic indications with a single flowmeter for the total gases.

2nd) Size

The Fabius GS premium was created more for the US Market where they wanted Big equipment.

3rd) Fabius plus has other than the trolley version the wall version and the celling version and Fabius GS premium has only the trolley version.

Other than that there are doing excactly the same things.

Same ventilation modes
Same configurations
Same piston Ventilator

also try to have a look at the FABIUS PLUS XL.

I thing A5 from Mindray is only available in the US market and had a lot of recalls


Posted By: Angus Re: Draeger Fabius Comparison - 15/08/13 5:18 PM
Many thanks for the invaluable information Fitz. Its much appreciated. I will pass this on accordingly.
Posted By: Fitz Re: Draeger Fabius Comparison - 05/09/13 8:04 AM
Angus can you please sen me your phone number so i can call you on romanid@yahoo.com

Posted By: Angus Re: Draeger Fabius Comparison - 07/09/13 1:38 PM
Im currently in Libya Fitz. I will email you when I get back to the UK in two weeks.
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