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Posted By: iluke Datex Cardiocap/5 sram error - 14/07/14 1:19 PM
Hi! Does anyone know what sholud be done to start cardiocap/5 monitor after changing sram battery (timekeeper)? I know that in S5 it's not a problem but in cardiocap it ends by screen without active frames.
Posted By: Dave Howell Re: Datex Cardiocap/5 sram error - 15/07/14 7:45 AM
Hi Luke,

If you email me I will send you the service manual. dave.howell@nhs.net

Posted By: iluke Re: Datex Cardiocap/5 sram error - 15/07/14 9:20 AM
I have service manual and there is no information about this. There was 2 types of software. The first types had this problem that when timekeeper was discharged the frames were missing. Second type was ok. You can change baterry without any consequences. There is one more position in service menu that allows to configure frames. This is the 3-rd monitor with this problem.

Any ideas?

Ok I found in service manual that I need to update software. Does anyone know how to do it without sending it to factory service?
Posted By: Lee S Re: Datex Cardiocap/5 sram error - 18/07/14 1:58 PM

I can't help with updating the software but to regaining the missing frames (from memory) you need to go into the configuration screen; in the Save Mode menu (I think) this allows you to select the parameters that the unit actually has, save this. Then go around the set up process again and it should work (eventually).

Unfortunately i remember the process as being a bit of a "faff".

If you get nowhere give me a reminder and i will dig a unit out and try to record the process.

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