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Posted By: bill_mcg RAM 5000 - 15/02/17 4:13 PM
Due to a retiral I am now the lucky administrator of a RAM 5000 system. Does any one out there with this system have a sensible way of printing asset labels that they would be willing share? All replies welcome bill.mcgregor@nhs.net
Posted By: Dustcap Re: RAM 5000 - 17/02/17 9:17 AM
Hi Bill. Sadly we use RAM and we use P Touch software linked to a spreadsheet linked in with our assets on RAM. Its a very long winded process to print off a label. I would simply get a P Touch printer and manually type the desired number and info on to the label. If this is a retrial of RAM i would keep searching for something more suitable and sustainable than RAM. Its not ideal for EBME. If you need anything added to it, such as GS1 or RFID, this will cause you a headache and cost money. We are doing our best to replace RAM. RAM is more suitable to finance than it is for EBME type of work. Good luck.
Posted By: bill_mcg Re: RAM 5000 - 20/02/17 3:47 PM
Hi Dustcap,

Thanks for the reply and sadly no not a retiral of RAM. We can print labels on a one off basis with only 12 clicks of a mouse (I kid you not)but this takes time especially when you want to re-label a ward. Guess we will keep on searching
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