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Posted By: Geoff Hannis Free Database Software - 09/02/06 12:23 PM
For more years than I care to remember, and certainly over thousands of man-hours, I have enjoyed hacking out equipment maintenance systems. Indeed there have been dark days when this was my only recreation (but we won't dwell on that now)!

I have a program that has all the usual features (plus some unusual ones), but is DOS-based and therefore appears a bit dated to modern eyes. It is stand-alone, single user, but has an ability to access multiple data-sets if required. It was coded in FoxPro 2.6, which was (still is) a very powerful database management language in its day. You can get a flavour of my stuff from the screen shots at [this websitel]*.

Anyway, the bottom line is that, as part of my clearing-out process, and to make way for new projects, I am willing to pass on copies of this program to anybody who may find it useful. I can include dummy (example) data. If you want, I can also offer source code (so if you can make your own changes if you have FoxPro yourself). I can send this stuff out as an email attachment. If anyone is interested, get in touch through a personal message or email. smile

* Site no longer online
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 11/02/06 12:23 PM
I hope all my fans have noticed that I've cleaned up the website a bit. smile
Hi Geoff:

May I have a copy of your data base? Please
I'm in the process of choosing a better database to manage the record of the equipment that comes to service & the spare parts inventory

Thanks in advance.

P. s. sorry but the English is not my native language

Diego Gonzalez. smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 29/05/06 10:30 AM
Done, Diego. Hope you can get it all going, and then find some of it useful! Cheers, Geoff smile
Posted By: DAS Re: Free Database Software - 01/06/06 8:16 AM
Nice looking database there Geoff.
Posted By: Chris-H Re: Free Database Software - 01/06/06 10:25 AM
The site is looking good.
Still cannot make a connection between a humped backed camel and the past though? :p
Please enlighten......
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 01/06/06 3:26 PM
... one of my previous lives, that's all. smile
Posted By: angie Re: Free Database Software - 19/07/07 10:02 AM
Hi Geoff,
Please can I have a copy of Taskmaster for Windows?
I have been looking for a management database to manage all of the dental equipment I look after for Medway PCT.
I am starting from scratch really in this post as there are no computerised records of any of the equipment here or the service history etc, just stacks of papaer diaries so I need to get this sorted out ASAP and your database looks like it would be perfect for the job!

many Thanks
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 20/07/07 6:40 AM
Mornin' Angie,

I was down your way yesterday. I could have called in. Unfortunately, though, it took me four and a half hours to get back to Gloucester due to M25 nightmares (so, what else is new?)! I'll try to get something sorted for you over the coming (wet?) weekend, but I'll need an email address (via PM). smile
Posted By: gringo Re: Free Database Software - 25/10/07 5:10 AM
Hi Geoff,
Since I got the the task to computerise our service shop, get rid of tons of paper work (sometimes I think I spend more tome in papers than at the work bench), I would very much like to see and try out your program. Thanks in advance
best regards
Posted By: bongski55 Re: Free Database Software - 07/12/07 3:11 PM
I got your task manager(THANKS). Now I would like to know how to input equipment list done in MS Excel to Task manager. I have at least 7,000 equipment to migrate to TM.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 07/12/07 5:56 PM
Pleased to hear that you were able to get the program up and running without any problems, Bong. If you're serious about wanting to use it, just zip your spreadsheets to me, and I'll import them into the XTM format. No worries.

I know you're at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Mate (lucky guy), but how come you've got that many assets? What are you doing, counting the flowmeters as well? smile
Posted By: Louis Lyniswern III Re: Free Database Software - 09/12/07 11:49 AM
Louis is in the process of beta testing his creation, It is Mysql/PHP partnership and seems to work very well! Louis will launch a test site early in 2008 so all can test drive the said creation.
Now to the big question. Would all be happy using a remote client server hosted by the Lyniswern foundation? (Like the Mr Lake creation that the University of Liverpool used to manage). Or does Louis distribute the script and let your ISD/IT department install the script locally?. Or both?

Louis was thinking of a free distribution of the main system and charging a small fee for custom forms and reporting formats.

Much regards

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 09/12/07 12:15 PM
Interesting stuff, Louis. Web-based is the way forward, for sure. But there may be problems, as Ed SWM has already pointed out.

Meanwhile, it seems to me that many techs labouring away out there in the world still make use of stand-alone systems. Networks, broad-band connections and all the rest are not yet universal, shall we say (let alone IT departments)!

As I've banged on about quite a few times before, I like the idea of a collaborative effort, sharing not only ideas, but data as well. So far this has not progressed much beyond the "pipe-dream" phase, I'll have to admit (due to a general lack of interest amongst the Brethren, it would seem). I would love to be proved wrong on that one. Perhaps the winter months will see a sudden rush of enthusiasm for "sharing the wealth" (ie,of knowledge).

On the question of hosting, I would have thought that "both" is the answer there. No doubt our Mr.Huw can advise (...why not do it in collaboration with the ebme site)?

On the question of charging fees ... well, all I can say there is "good luck"!

Looking forward to seeing your stuff, Mate. smile
Posted By: Louis Lyniswern III Re: Free Database Software - 09/12/07 12:57 PM
Hi Geoff

The beauty of the system Louis is currently developing is that once the database is created its only a matter of where the database is installed. This system can run off my server across the www, or locally on a hospital server installed with php (free) and mysql(also free) or even on a standalone PC, I am currently demo-ing an integrated package that includes a php/mysql shell for local use. However all that said; the best solution, Louis feels, is a simple server on your LAN managed by your IT department! That way data is accessible through the Lan on any PC.

This is probably Louis umpteenth PHP/MYSQL project and the flexibility of this pairing is amazing, in fact most of the internet now employs the combo including Yahoo and Facebook.

Geoff Louis totally agrees with you on a collaboration / form standard.

Louis has looked at hundreds of EBME database structures written in MS Access (and other) and they are all so very different it's painful. Normalization of tables is often overlooked with 'tragic' future consequences.

Louis read through Mr Sandham's Requirement for an effective management system for Biomedical Equipment and found it comprehensive enough to start a basic design. Also Steve Lake (University of Liverpool) wrote what Louis considers to be the best EMS solution ever created (take a bow SL)!

Watch this space

Louis III
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 09/12/07 1:22 PM
Like Louis, Geoffrey has also looked at a multitude of equipment database structures, but would have to disagree with Louis by saying that the striking thing about them is their similarity! And modern database (spreadsheet etc.) software permits swapping between formats with relative ease.

My own stance is that the whole biomed CMMS scenario falls into two camps:- highly-priced "commercial" packages, and lowly (lowly as in "humble", but also as in "zero cost") efforts of the type I usually refer to as "home grown" (which group does Steve Lake's EMS solution fall into? I don't know)!

Contributors to this forum have been known to express strong views in support of both models, which is fair enough.

Your point about a centralized shared database is well-taken. But (in my role of Devil's Advocate), who's to say that your database (or mine, ECRI's ... or anybody else's) is any better than anyone else's? In my many years in this game, I have often seen techs quite happy with what they had available to them locally, especially if it was what they themselves had developed (ie, to suit their needs). There's nothing wrong with "pride of ownership", in my opinion (in fact I would like to see far more of it - especially amongst those who we like to call "user staff" - nurses and the like).

"One size fits all" tends not to be the answer, in my experience. What is needed is a logical basic structure, an interface that is readily and totally configurable to suit local needs (dare I say idiosyncrasies?), and extremely flexible reporting routines (this is probably where SQL scores).

Where we on this forum can make a real difference is in collaboration. That's where I plant my flag! smile

Kaz had the right idea, I reckon:-

Originally Posted By: Khazzaq Waldganger
I propose that we thresh out an agreed specification for the New System, then code it ourselves, step by step, whilst welcoming contributions from the entire community along the way.
Posted By: bongski55 Re: Free Database Software - 09/12/07 4:06 PM
Originally Posted By: Geoff Hannis
Pleased to hear that you were able to get the program up and running without any problems, Bong. If you're serious about wanting to use it, just zip your spreadsheets to me, and I'll import them into the XTM format. No worries.

I know you're at the Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, Mate (lucky guy), but how come you've got that many assets? What are you doing, counting the flowmeters as well? smile

crazy no not the flowmeters but ALL office equipment,audio and video equipment and photocopiers! the first BME admin made a mistake of "taking it all" and now we are stuck with this non biomed equipment!nobody in his right mind would accept them if we try to pass it to others now.
I'll try to email you data minus the non medical equipment later.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 09/12/07 4:23 PM
I believe I met your "first BME admin" back in 1987, Bong. The guy seemed pretty clued up to me!

To my mind, there's nothing wrong with "taking it all". Especially when operating in a commercial environment (which you're not, I presume). If the customer (user) is daft enough to pay to have biomeds take care of their office equipment, that's all well and good!

Many years ago when I was travelling around a well-known Desert Kingdom touting for business at small private hospitals and clinics, the people there always wanted a quote to come and service all their equipment. Yes, including the emergency battery-backed lighting units, refrigerators, fans and all the rest (including, even, the medical, dental and laboratory equipment). Not "money for old rope", though, as those old guys drove a hard bargain, let me tell you. Lot's of sweet tea had to be drunk too, of course. I worked out some good spreadsheet formulae (on good old DOS Lotus 1-2-3, of course) at that time, and used to amaze potential customers by being able to return the following day complete with an inventory (on floppy disk) - usually the first proper inventory list they had ever seen - together with a fully-costed series of maintenance options. In the (few) cases that I got the "go-ahead", they always went for the "fixed price" option, by the way. Those clinics were, after all, businesses. I wish I was still there doing that stuff!

Meanwhile, you can include all those other items in your data if you want (TaskMaster takes care of it all). Equipment still needs PM (in my opinion), regardless of whether it's an ECG monitor, CT scanner, or an electric kettle! As long as you're charging by the hour that is! Ha, ha.

By the way, my method is to group all flowmeters of each type (air, oxygen) as a single "asset" for each Ward etc. It keeps the numbers down that way! smile
Posted By: GaniG Re: Free Database Software - 12/12/07 1:47 AM
Hi Geoff,
Medical equipment management is just beginning to be realized here in our country. Your database program is what I have been wanting, can you give me a copy too?

Posted By: Louis Lyniswern III Re: Free Database Software - 16/12/07 7:36 AM
Dearest Compatriots

The Lyniswern foundation EMS offering is almost ready! Louis will run a beta in early January for all to try. It is fully web based (php) and works in most popular browsers!
Louis will post the link here! Louis will also approach the www.ebme.co.uk cybermaster for the future prospect of "Unification" Louis like 'unification' very much! Geoff too, Louis believes! Many brains etc etc.


Posted By: mammad Re: Free Database Software - 01/01/08 8:55 AM
hye Geoff, i m so interested when i read you database software that you mention. i thought it must be so beneficial to me. can you give me the software, i really appreciate it. plz send to this email,

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 20/01/08 7:22 AM
Meanwhile, here's something interesting. Doubt that it comes for free, though. smile

Originally Posted By: Press Release
The wall-mounted biomed metrics dashboard was created by former biomed Fred Servillon, of Orlando, Florida. A dedicated PC running the application has a 42-inch, high-definition LCD remote display. The system reports high-risk preventive maintenance (P1) and life support (LS) devices' PM, updating every 30 minutes. It also displays “customer satisfaction survey” results. Reports of PM priorities performed by every site and monthly metrics data are automatically transmitted to management. The web-request viewer refreshes every 50 seconds to capture incoming service requests for immediate attention, and team members can use the dashboard to broadcast important announcements. It can also track weather in hurricane territory by providing the outside temperature and rate of rainfall so technicians can know what to expect before travelling to service calls.
Posted By: ebmetech Re: Free Database Software - 28/01/08 9:48 AM
Hi Geoff

We are currently in the process of choosing a new database for our hospital. We have been using an old DOS based system and we are looking for a windows based system. How much is the Taskmaster software and would it be possible to have a demo version to check it out.


Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 28/01/08 6:59 PM
Check out your PM's Steve. smile
Posted By: KerrAvon Re: Free Database Software - 11/04/08 6:31 PM
Hi Geoff, I would be intersted in a copy of your software and the source code. I might be able to import it to a windows GUI
enviroment. I used to work for torex health one of the mjor suppliers of medical software systems.

kerr avon
email kerravon@blueyonder.co.uk
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 11/04/08 7:28 PM
Hello Mate. Thanks, but my stuff is already available as a Windows program. The DOS version available for download from this (ie, ebme) website has been pinned up for more than a year now, and has a couple of known bugs. These were corrected a while back, but nobody has enquired about them (despite various prompts and hints during the past year). The Windows version of my TaskMaster equipment maintenance program is with mine host (aka Mr.Huw), who may well pin it up in the downloads section!

I've taken a look at your website, by the way. It seems that you're doing with computers the same sort of thing that I (and a few others) like to do with medical equipment. Good man! smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 24/05/08 7:00 AM
I notice that there have now been 50 downloads of the TaskMaster program version 8.04 from the Downloads section of this site. There are a couple of minor bugs in that issue, and 8.05 has a fair number of improvements. I hope to get it to Huw for pinning up in Downloads shortly (it is, after all, a Bank Holiday weekend)! Once version 8.05 is up there, I would urge all users of earlier versions to download that one. But in the meantime, if anybody needs the latest stuff right away, please get in touch. smile
Posted By: KostasKokoras Re: Free Database Software - 01/08/08 8:44 AM
Hi Geoff,
I got the TaskMaster 8.06 from downloads section but i have trouble to make it run.
I use Microsoft Windows XP SP3.
It loads, flashing at beggining, and then all the menu is deactivated and no form is loaded.
Could u give me a hand?
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 01/08/08 9:22 AM

My Goodness ... we can't have that!

Try the following steps:-

1) First make sure you have a Temp directory and a TM directory available
2) Download the file (to your Desktop, presumably)
3) Copy (drag and drop) the file into the Temp directory
4) Unzip the file from the Temp directory into the TM directory
5) Go to the TM directory and run (double-click on, etc.) TM.exe from there

Should work OK (and I've just tried it again) ... even using Explorer!

The main point being:- don't simply unzip onto the desktop (a dangerous thing to do in any case, in my opinion)! This is not a self-extracting .exe file ... just a simple .zip.

By the way, TM 8.07 is now available, and Huw has promised to "get it up" (as it were) as soon as he can! smile

PS: I use Total Commander myself (all the time). It's a great utility, and one which I can heartily recommend.

PPS: welcome to the forum Kostas. Nice to have you on board, Mate.
Posted By: Full Metal Free Database Software - 12/08/08 9:41 AM
Hi Geoff,

May I request from you your DOS base program because when I saw your site, in my own opinion, it is very interesting and it will be useful to our own system here in our biomed department.

Thank you very much. laugh
Posted By: Huw Re: Free Database Software - 12/08/08 10:14 AM
TaskMaster smile
Posted By: GaniG Re: Free Database Software - 14/08/08 3:05 AM
Just downloaded the recent upgrade of Taskmaster.

Thanks Geoff
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 14/08/08 7:59 AM
Hello Full Metal, and welcome to the forum (another Mate from the Desert Kingdom, I notice). Thanks for your interest in my stuff.

The DOS version of TaskMaster has been neglected a bit these last couple of years, and the one available for download from this website has a couple of problems with it. The version I hold on my old "DOS" PC has them sorted, of course, but (not having received any complaints about them, and imagining that users had now moved on to the Windows version), I have not got it readily compiled for distribution just at the moment.

I have been thinking of doing a bit more on the DOS version (for sentimental reasons more than anything else), perhaps bringing in some of the features that are now part of the Windows version. If the need is indeed there, perhaps I'll have a go later during the wonderful summer weather that we're currently enjoying in the UK. smile

PS: Hi Gani ... I've sent you an email.
Posted By: Roger Re: Free Database Software - 23/08/08 5:10 PM
When is the Windows version available, Geoff?
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 23/08/08 5:40 PM
The Windows version of TaskMaster has been around for some years now. It is available from the Downloads section. There remains a couple (at least) of irritating bugs in the latest version to be published. They arise from one of the rare limitations of FoxPro (as far as I can tell). They have been put right, but I'm still not happy with the result. In short, it's a bit of a kludge.

Meanwhile (and thanks for giving me the opportunity to broadcast this), in celebration of 200 downloads of the DOS version (which, in itself, seems almost unbelievable), I am spending a few days updating the DOS version, adding in some of the more useful features of the later Windows version revisions (which are mainly due to thoughtful feedback and suggestions from loyal users in various parts of the world).

I hope to be able to post both the latest Windows and (updated) DOS versions to Huw (for including in the Downloads section) shortly. smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 02/11/08 7:36 PM
The latest revision of the Windows version of TaskMaster is available for downloading here. I am hoping that this will be a stable, definitive, issue. You may notice that previous versions have been cancelled.

There had been 212 downloads of earlier versions, and I would now urge anyone still using them to adopt the latest issue. You will find that some datafiles you may have developed will not work with 8.10. If you want to carry on using that data, just zip up your XTM_*.* files and email them to me. I will re-structure them into current formats and get them straight back to you. Otherwise, you could simply "start again" with the latest issue.

I hope to keep those datafile structures fixed now. In fact I don't anticipate doing much more work on TM at all, apart from the inevitable bug fixes. Feel free to advise if (when) you find any!

Meanwhile, I continue to be surprised that the old DOS version from April of last year continues to be downloaded. I've recently done some updating of that one, and hope to get a final revision to Huw soon. It may not match all the features of the Windows version, but will include most of the more useful stuff. smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 30/11/08 10:16 AM

Just a quick word on this quiet Sunday morning to let those of you who may be interested know that incremental improvements to the TM program continue to be made (and also to the old DOS version, as mentioned above). For technical reasons, Huw may not be able to add it to the Downloads section just yet, but if anyone would like the very latest stuff, feel free to get in touch via email or PM. By the way, the "latest news" about TM is always posted here.

As usual, I am always looking to receive feedback from those trying (and, hopefully, using) TM. With 220 downloads of the DOS version, and over 240 of the Windows version, I am always a little disappointed that I rarely hear how people get on. If it's total rubbish, then I need to know!

The most recent enhancements were made following an intensive critique from a bloke using TM in his servicing work. He (who must remain anonymous for his own commercial reasons) provided some very good feedback (comments, suggestions and bug reports), all of which has been acted upon. I need more like this!

Meanwhile, I hope to have the updated DOS version ready before Christmas! smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 13/01/09 12:52 PM
I must once again thank Mr. Huw for publishing some of my stuff in the Downloads section. Having just had a go myself, perhaps I need to remind people that if they want to try out the DOS version (and assuming a recent Windows platform), they will need to set the "DOS Box" files setting to 99. Otherwise they should expect disappointment when first running the program! This is mentioned in the Readme.txt file (for those who still like to look at those)!

Specifically, you will need to set files = 99 in the relevant system config file. For instance, CONFIG.SYS for a traditional MS-DOS system (does anyone still use one?), or CONFIG.NT under Windows XP, Windows 2000 etc. This file is usually found in the C:\...\System32 directory.

Feel free to get in touch "in case of difficulty". smile
Posted By: Eddie Re: Free Database Software - 13/01/09 4:38 PM
By the way Geoff's software is an excellent system model!
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 13/01/09 4:47 PM

Well said, that man! That's you back on my Christmas card list, then, Mate! smile

Meanwhile, anything new happening with Mariner? ... I can't say "Ancient" 'coz my stuff claims that territory.

PS: I have in front of me the genesis of the simplified "new system" that's been on the back-burner for the last two years. A sparse (clean) interface ... using VBX-style tabs. The minimum number of datafiles, related to each other as necessary. As configurable (by the user) as I can make it. No "codes" this time, just plain English. And (hopefully) a model that's easier for most users to understand.

I plan to make more use of other applications (that everyone has to hand these days), rather than "doing it all" within the system. Web-links, and stuff like that. What fun!
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 13/01/09 6:49 PM
Meanwhile, looking again at the Downloads section, perhaps it's not immediately obvious that TMD0812.zip is a DOS-based distribution, whilst TM_0812.zip is the Windows version.

Earlier downloads from this site of the DOS version totalled 223. Windows versions totalled 242. smile
Posted By: Jose A. Serrano Re: Free Database Software - 10/05/09 10:16 AM
Hi Geoff,

You've done a great job with your database. It's hard to find a good database made specially for us.

Can I have a copy of it?
I've never worked with foxpro, but it looks real good.


Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 10/05/09 10:59 AM
Thanks for that, Jose.

Originally Posted by Jose A. Serrano
It's hard to find a good database made specially for us.
Actually, there are quite a few. But most need to be paid for (not only that, but what you might call "big money", too).

Have you downloaded TM_0903.zip?

As always, there are a few errors in there, and there is a TM_0905.zip in the offing (just a few bits of tidying up of various routines), but I'm a bit side-tracked by "other projects" at the moment.

Is it the source code you're after, or something else? smile
Posted By: Jose A. Serrano Re: Free Database Software - 10/05/09 11:19 AM
Hi Geoff,

I already downloaded TM903, but I didn't try it yet. I just look at the screen shots and it's great.

My experience with computers is not enough to develop a database like yours. I worked a little with mysql but i'm not a expert with it (not yet but just wait a couple of months).

Any help regarding the database will be wellcome (including the source code).

Should I change my mind and point to foxpro, Geoff?

As I told you, I'm not an expert in computers.



Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 10/05/09 11:50 AM
As has been mentioned on the forum before, SQL is the future (or, at least, now). On the other hand, Visual FoxPro, despite being a brilliant and extremely comprehensive database coding language, is (shall we say) a bit yesterday.

However, I make no apologies for this, due to the fact that I am, indeed, "yesterday's man" (as has so often been stated), and have spent many thousands of hours coding in the various incremental versions of FoxPro (not to mention dBASE, and all the rest)!

Also, as TM was developed from an earlier work in FoxPro for DOS (see the other download), there are "legacy" issues (...nice BS words, eh?) to be considered here as well.

So, no ... if you are just starting out, go for whatever is the current "state of the art". That would be SQL, supposedly.

Meanwhile, I have discontinued giving out my source code. The reason is, quite frankly, is that I am looking for a buyer to take it all off my hands! A secondary reason would have to be that no-one else has ever come back to me having done anything useful with it! So, what's the point?

But, having said that, I imagine I may be able to help (in general terms) with whatever it is you're trying to do. After all (as I keep banging-on about), some of us here are into collaboration! smile
Posted By: Jose A. Serrano Re: Free Database Software - 10/05/09 7:46 PM
Thanks Geoff,

I suppose that you've been working hard for your projects and you sound to me like a wise man. Hope to have your advices on my way....

we will keep in touch, and thanks again for your help (now and in the future).


Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 10/05/09 11:47 PM

Frankly, when I see some of the contributions made by others, not just on this forum, but some of the other tech forums as well, I feel humbled and my own crude efforts pale into insignificance by comparison! It's the power of the 'net, and long may it remain free!

I'm thinking especially of Open Source software (and freeware), some of which is absolutely brilliant. And also some of the machine code and hardware projects freely presented by so-called "hobbyists" on some of the classic computer sites. Plus the sheer depth and breadth of knowledge shared on some of those sites. Genius stuff!

As the saying has it, if we each do a little, we can all do a lot. smile
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 06/06/09 10:20 AM

Huw has been very kind in hosting the famous TaskMaster system in the downloads section of this site (and it is good to see that downloads continue to be made), but it hardly seems right to bother him with the small, incremental improvements that get coded as-and-when now.

From now on, if anyone wants the very latest version, it would be better if they made enquiries at this website.

A few people have remarked that the system needs a new interface. It needs "refreshing", I am told. Fair enough. But I don't have either the time or inclination for (what I regard as) cosmetic changes like that. In fact I should add that I am seeking a buyer for the TaskMaster code. Any interested party should feel free to get in touch. I would be happy to let it go, and let someone else carry it forward. smile
Posted By: Carlito Sales Re: Free Database Software - 08/09/09 1:16 PM
Hello Geoff,


I am interested with the software. Actually i have also develop a software to be use in our company. I calle it Asset Management and Tracking Sytem.I have use the Microsoft Access.
With this forum i hope i can learn more how to develop such database. I have no formal schooling about programming, just reading and trying it by myself.

Please sent the database to carlionheart@yahoo.com
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 08/09/09 1:46 PM

Welcome to the forum, Carlito. smile

Actually (and as reported elsewhere) my TaskMaster code is in pieces at the moment, as I go through it all converting where necessary to permit users to edit (change, screw-up, whatever) form titles, labels etc. In this fashion, they (the users) will be able to configure the look and feel of the system to suit (as far as possible) their own requirements, and language (within the limitations imposed by whichever character sets their PC has available).

It's a lot of work (much of it mind-numbing), and has taken me most of the summer (so it's just as well that there hasn't really been any summer this year in England).

I have done next to nothing with *Access myself, but appreciate that it is often bundled with other MS applications, and is, therefore, generally available. I do most of my own coding in FoxPro, which has served me well over the years.

You can download an earlier version of TM here. It follows the more traditional "equipment repairs and maintenance manager" layout, rather than "asset management and tracking" per se. As usual, there are some "known bugs" in there, for which I can but apologise. The current iteration has the same well-tried look and feel, but (as I say) employs a substantially different approach "behind the scenes" (with, for example, look-up tables for form titles, field labels, tool tips and such).

You may also be interested in the Mariner project, which was an attempt at collaboration. You may need to ask Huw for access to that thread. Unfortunately (and for reasons that I have yet to fathom), Mariner seems to have "withered on the vine", as it were. This is hardly unknown, however, as software projects that tend towards complete applications require a heavy commitment in terms of hours spent hacking away (and we're talking about thousands of hours, rather than hundreds).

Yes, as is well known, I am open to collaboration myself. And don't worry about being "self-taught". To my mind, it remains the only (that is, best) way! smile

* Joe could well be the man you need, there.
Posted By: Neil Porter Re: Free Database Software - 08/09/09 2:34 PM
Carlito, try cwfree.com
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 08/09/09 2:52 PM

There are quite a few examples of free (and some not so free) maintenance management systems about. Some are useful for biomed, some aren't. But none are much use (apart, perhaps, from providing inspiration) if what you want to do is develop your own. That is, I'm not aware of anyone who gives away their source code. smile
Posted By: Carlito Sales Re: Free Database Software - 09/09/09 6:03 AM
Dear Neil,

Thanks for the warm welcome and very good insights.

Yes you're right it's a lot of work, but very interesting.

Here in the philippines biomedical database is not yet that popular among hospital and medical centers, but it's popularity is growing because of the JCAHO, ISO accreditation. and i have talk to some biomedical equipments technician of such institution they are very much interested about it.

actually i have given them CWworks website for that matter, but some says , it's incomplete.

I have worked in one of the military Hospital in saudi arabia for 4 years and it is here when i started developing my database, we use it for a while but my boss decided to buy for GE (GE Assets Sopphie) if i rememberes it right. It's a good one.

I will try to contact Joe.

And once again thank you very much.

Posted By: Angie98 Re: Free Database Software - 05/02/15 12:40 AM
Hi, I am keen to have a copy of the TaskMaster, may I know where can I download the program.
Thank you.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 05/02/15 10:31 AM

The latest revision is underway (just a few minor tweaks, really).

Meanwhile, I shall need an email address. smile
Posted By: Angie98 Re: Free Database Software - 14/03/15 3:54 AM
Thank you, Geoff!
My e-mail add is sokmun98@yahoo.com
Posted By: Angie98 Re: Free Database Software - 18/09/15 1:02 AM
Not sure if you have missed my message on my current email >> ng.hui.fenn@sgh.com.sg
Thank you.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 18/09/15 8:46 AM

See the message I sent you on 25-Aug-15. smile

In short, I sent an email with the latest TM .zip file to the address you have given, but it bounced. One sent to your earlier address went through OK. Are you saying that you did not receive it?

Anyway, it is likely that the next revision of TM will be returned to the Downloads section of this forum, so you shall be able to download it from there. Hopefully, that won't be too far in the future.
Posted By: Charles Valencia Re: Free Database Software - 22/09/15 7:18 AM
Hello Geoff,

Can I have the copy of your Task Manager also?
Just Came back in the Bio-Med world for a slightly long time of hibernation eh... :-D

my email is core2_u2k@yahoo.com

Thank you very much in advance.

Yours Truly;

Charles E. Valencia
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 22/09/15 11:24 AM

Hello Charles

I'm going through another round of revisions at the moment.

It might be better for you to download from here once the next version becomes available. That way everyone gets the same package; which makes things a little easier for me if - when - changes and/or corrections (updates) are needed.

Shouldn't be too long (I hope). smile
Posted By: Charles Valencia Re: Free Database Software - 23/09/15 4:37 AM
Thank you Geoff,

I will just wait for the revised version.

More powers... :-)

Yours Truly;

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 24/02/16 3:27 PM

It's back - by "popular request"!

Download the .zip file and un-zip into a new directory folder. Then run TM.exe from there.

As usual, feedback (good, bad or indifferent), ideas - and bug reports - are always welcome. smile
Posted By: delfin lemos jr Re: Free Database Software - 18/04/17 9:32 AM

Good to have your TM. I'd like to ask how to import data of newly acquired equipment? In case of a new version you will find in the future, what will happen to the old on? This time I will use it for sure. please help

Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 18/04/17 10:45 AM
Hello again Delfin. Hope you're doing OK. smile

I'm finalizing the latest version right now (and there have been some detailed changes - plus the usual bug fixes - since 16.07).

There are a number of ways of entering equipment data; the method you choose really depends on the amount of data you have to add (import, whatever). For small amounts of data (just a few items of equipment) things can be "quick and easy". For large amounts (large inventories held in other formats - .xls files, for example), the process - I call it "Data Migration" - is a bit more detailed (but "do-able", if you don't mind playing about with stuff like that).

Regarding new versions - there is a way of bringing across your existing data into a new installation of TM. That way your data is preserved whilst imposing any changes made to data file structures since the previous revision. Using that method you retain not only the earlier version of TM but also the earlier copies of your data files. See the Help file topic "Upgrading TaskMaster".

Naturally, it is always a good idea to back-up your data before embarking on updates!

Alternatively (and if you prefer) there is a way of simply imposing the latest TM.exe into your existing TM directory and running a batch file to update the data files. All this stuff (and much more) is mentioned in the Help file. Also see the file called Upgrades.txt which is included in the distribution. smile

I'll get the next release to you as soon as it's available. Meanwhile, if you have any specific problems, best send me an email. My email address is given at my Profile.

Although it applies in detail to an earlier version of TM (namely 16.02) you may find this document* of interest:-

User Guide

* With acknowledgements to the author, Bill Gentles.
Posted By: ariel dulay Re: Free Database Software - 17/06/17 3:02 AM
looking forward for the new free data base software.. :-)
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 17/06/17 10:29 AM

Lots of detailed improvements in the latest code (next release). smile
Posted By: ariel dulay Re: Free Database Software - 18/06/17 5:13 AM
HOPING to see soon. :-)
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 01/02/18 1:04 PM

See here. smile
Posted By: ariel dulay Re: Free Database Software - 29/04/18 8:39 AM
thanks Geof. for the Continuous update.

Lets try Once again.. and see the difference.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 29/04/18 10:05 AM

The latest revision will be available soon (minor detailed improvements and bug fixes). smile
Posted By: manni Re: Free Database Software - 30/04/18 11:30 AM
Dear Geoff,

I would be interested in the Taskmaster, please can you get in touch, I have sent my contact detaisl to your PM.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 01/05/18 7:04 PM

Hello Manni

In the interests of "version control" it is better that anyone who wants the program downloads it from here.

Although, as already mentioned, a revised version is in the pipeline, so I would urge folk to wait (only a few days, hopefully) for that to emerge.

That way, any user feedback, bug reports and what-have-you, would apply to the latest version.
Posted By: ariel dulay Re: Free Database Software - 08/05/18 9:24 AM
I use 32 bit on the latest version. it work good but still digging other parameters...how about other 64 bit?

any one who try?
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 08/05/18 9:57 AM

I (still) don't have a 64-bit machine myself, but other users have reported running TM OK on 64-bit laptops.

You may (or may not) need to change the Compatibility Mode setting under the Compatibility tab on the Properties form for the desktop icon you are using.

Recent versions of TM were compiled under 32-bit Win 7. smile
Posted By: Rzee Re: Free Database Software - 17/09/18 6:34 PM
Is the real lovely beauuuuuuutiful language, love it, specially DOS based as it does not need Windows environment.
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 18/09/18 5:32 PM

FoxBASE was really a dBASE III clone (but better in many ways). The next step in the evolution was FoxPro, which began to move away from true compatibility with the dBASE language.

dBASE caught up (and in many ways leap-frogged) to some extent when dBASE 5.0 for DOS was released; but unfortunately that was the last hurrah of dBASE for DOS.

But yes, I agree, Fox - and especially FoxPro 2.6 for DOS (the last one), is the language of the Gods! smile

And ... as you hinted at, it runs very nicely and does good work on "primitive" machines - and even (as I sometimes do) on top of emulators such as DOSBox, vDos, vDosPlus et al running in Windows.

Quality software never really dies, despite the best efforts of Microsoft (in the case of Visual FoxPro) to kill it off. Gee-whiz wonderware comes and goes, but solid coding platforms simply soldier on doing real work (often behind the scenes of today's "pretty interfaces").
Posted By: kuman pisavadia Re: Free Database Software - 10/07/20 1:45 PM
Hi Geoff

can i have software please

many thanks
Posted By: Geoff Hannis Re: Free Database Software - 10/07/20 7:03 PM
Which (what) software are you interested in, Kuman?

Do you mean this?
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